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College Audiovisual Library

The College AV maintains and provides a variety of audio-visual materials, equipment and facilities for students, faculty members and administrators. 


AV Materials


The College AV holds an extensive collection of audio-visual materials for all types of instructional media.





1. Realia and Models

Globes, Replica of Victorian Era Theatre


2. Two-Dimensional Display Materials

Posters, Pictures, Maps, Illustrations


3. Projected Still Images

Overhead Transparencies, 35mm Slides


4. Audio Recording

Cassette Tapes, CDs

Sound Effects

Video Recording

VHS Video Tapes, VCDs, DVDs

Film Clips

5. Multiple Media


Sound Slides

6. Multimedia

CD-ROMs, Power Presentations



AV Equipment


The College AV facilitates the effective use of presentation tools with its wide range of audio-visual equipment.




1. Realia and Models

Foot Lights, Microphones

2. Two-Dimensional Display Materials

Display Easel

3. Projected Still Images

Overhead Projectors, Opaque Projectors, Slide Projectors

4. Audio Recording

Portable Radio Cassette Players, Karaoke Sound System

Video Recording

VHS Video Cassette Players, VCD Player, DVD Player

5. Multiple Media

Slide Projector and Portable Radio Cassette Player

6. Multimedia

Multimedia/LCD Projectors, Desktop Computers, Internet


AV Facilities


The College AV has four (4) Audio-Visual Rooms or AVRs, a Preview Booth and facilities for the Production Class of the Communication Arts Department (which includes a Taping Booth and a Video Editing Booth).  In its efforts to provide equal opportunities for everyone, the College AV recommends the use of the AV facilities according to their intended function.




Foot Lights


Overhead Projectors (OHPs)


Portable Radio Cassette Players, Karaoke Sound System


VHS Video Cassette Players, VCD Player, DVD Player

AVR, Preview Booth

Multimedia/LCD Projectors, Desktop Computers, Internet

Audio-Visual Room (AVR)


The Audio-Visual Rooms


Each AVR is equipped with a sound system, a video player, a multimedia computer with internet connection, and a projection screen.  AVR-A is equipped with a ceiling mounted Multimedia/LCD Projector, while AVR-B, AVR-C and AVR-D are equipped with a Wide Screen TV.  The Audio-Visual Rooms can accommodate as much as 50 to 60 people.  For a larger group, the acoustic barriers of AVRs A and B or AVRs C and D may be opened to combine the two AVRs and accommodate 100 to 120 people.


Service Hours


The College AV maintains the following schedules to be able to efficiently and effectively serve the college academic community.  These schedules are subject to limitations under the school's Academic Calendar.  Thus, Audio-Visual services are not available beyond the Semestral or Summer Period.


Regular Term:


8:00 AM - 12:00 PM  7:30 AM - 7:30 PM   

*The AVR closes from 12:00 NN to 1:00 PM during Mondays

Tuesday to Friday

7:30 AM -  7:30 PM  


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM


Summer and Semestral Break

Monday to Friday

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

1:00 PM -  5:00 PM

*The AVR closes daily from 12:00 NN to 1:00 PM


Reservation Hours


It is during this time period that AV materials, equipment, and facilities may be reserved.  Advance reservation is generally needed for more convenience:


AV Materials


AV Materials like video recordings may be reserved for use at the Preview Booth or the AVR. 


Some AV Materials may be brought out for academic related purposes (overnight use).  Reservation should be made from 7:30 AM until 1:00 PM.  Upon confirmation that the material is available, it will be released for pick-up from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PM.  The AV Material should be returned not later than 10:00 AM of the next working day.


AV Equipment


Reserving equipment in advance will provide ample time for the College AV Personnel to prepare.  Overhead Projectors (OHPs), Portable Radio Cassette Players and Footlights may be reserved on the same day and must be used within the college premises only.  AVR Equipment must be specified clearly in the AVR Reservation Form.  These equipment must not be removed from the AVRs.


A written request is required for a Multimedia/LCD Projector.


AV Facilities


The Preview, Video Editing and Taping Booths should be reserved two (2) days in advance. 


An Audio-Visual Room may be reserved up to two weeks in advance.  No reservation request earlier than two weeks will be entertained.  This will make the AVRs available to anyone who would like to use the facility.


AVR Reservation Hours

7:30 AM - 3:00 PM


An AVR for a class presentation, for example, scheduled on June 24, 2003 may be reserved beginning June 9, 2003 at 7:30 AM.  Other schedules like June, 25, 26, 27 and 28 may be reserved on June 9, since these schedules are already included in the week.  Reservations are on a "first come, first served" basis.


Reservation Forms


Reservation procedures are printed on the forms provided by the College AV.  These forms must be properly accomplished, signed and submitted in two identical copies to the College AV.

AV             REQUESTED ITEM                          FORM

Material       OHT, Slide, Cassette Tape, Video      Green

Equipment   OHP, Portable Radio Cassette Player   Yellow

Facility        Preview, Taping and Video Editing       Red

                 Audio-Visual Room (AVR)                  White


One copy of the AV Material Reservation Form must be attached to the Preview Booth Reservation Form or the AVR Reservation Form.  The other copy will be given to the one who requested it - who must bring this form when claiming the AV Material.











Searching for AV Materials


The College AV provides two fully automated methods of finding AV Materials in its collection.  One utilizes stand-alone computers located at the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) area of the College AV and the other, the LISA Online Resource Viewer, is accessible though both the Miriam College network and the Internet.


The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)


The OPAC Computers contain a more complete database of AV Materials in an MS Excel Worksheet.  These materials are categorized as Video, Audio Cassette Tapes, Transparencies and 35 mm Slides.  However, the only details available are the Call Number and Title. The titles are listed alphabetically.


§                     To find an AV material, click the tab of the preferred category.

§                     Scroll down or click "Search" and type a word that can be found on the title.

§                     Press enter and keep on pressing it to find the desired material.

§                     Take note of the Call Number.


LISA Online Resource Viewer


The LISA database contains more information about each item listed.  At present, only AV Materials on video are available.


§                     To find an AV Material, go to www.mc.edu.ph/library.

§                     In the specified box, type _av and any word that may appear on the catalog information of the material.  Click  the go button  or press Enter on the keyboard.

§                     A list of AV Materials will be displayed.  The list might include several pages.  If this is the case, click the red arrowhead  to go to the next page or click the page number after "Go To Page" to view its contents.  To narrow down the list, type another word after the previous entries.

§                     Click a title on the list to view a full description.

§                     Take note of the Call number and Title of the AV Material.

Go to the College AV Office and fill-up an AV Material Reservation Slip.  Indicate the Call Number and Title of the material.


Reserving an AVR


The four Audio-Visual Rooms can be availed for film viewing, multimedia presentations and other similar activities.  To provide everyone with equal opportunities to use the AVRs, the College AV office maintains the following guidelines.

§                     Check the availability of an Audio-Visual Room on the internet at  http://calendar.yahoo.com/collegeav

§                     Click on a preferred day to see both reserved and available periods.

§                     If any available schedule is found, confirm its availability with the College AV Office.

§                     Reservations are on a "first come, first served" basis.

§                     Reservations may be filed up to 2 weeks (on a weekly basis) before the scheduled activity.

§                     Reservation must be done from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM, during working days, Mondays through Saturdays.

§                     The AVR Reservation Form must be accomplished personally by the student or faculty member, signed and promptly submitted to the College AV Office.  Teachers may email their reservations.

§                     The office must be advised immediately of any postponement or cancellation so that others may also use the AVRs.

§                     For convenience, faculty members may send their reservation through email at collegeav@mc.edu.ph.  However, the same Reservation Time will be followed.  Emails must be sent no earlier than 2 weeks in advance, on a working day (during the regular term) from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM.  Emails are time-stamped by the e-mail server at the IT Office.

§                     Emailed reservations must provide all the information requested on the AVR Reservation Form.  An on-line version of the form is available at the public folders section of MS Outlook (installed in Miriam College computers).  Alternatively, a copy of this On-line Reservation Form may be requested through email.

§                     Reservations through external email addresses (non-mc emails) will be verified first.  Faculty members who will use emails other than the one supplied by the I.T. office must first notify the College AV of their addresses.

§                     Reservation through email is intended for the convenience of the faculty members.  A signature on a printed copy of the email is required as soon as possible to authenticate the request.

§                     For additional convenience to those who are traveling or unable to immediately access any computer with email, reservations, may be sent through a Globe Handyphone cell unit.

§                     To send a reservation using a Globe cell phone, send a text message to Globe 2300 in the following format:

collegeav@mc.edu.ph(AVR) name, schedule/date, time period, activity and other details.

§                     The College AV will receive the message on email but will not be able to reply (due to limitations set by Globe Telecoms).  Follow up on the reservation is suggested to confirm that it has been received.   



Audio-Visual Rooms

The AVRs are designed for classes that require the viewing of a video recording or Multimedia presentation.  Due to the increasing demand for an Audio-Visual Room, the College AV regulates its use to make it available to those who will be using it more appropriately for its intended function.

·                     Classes who will not be using the AVR for Video or Multimedia Presentation are requested to use the classroom or any other available facility.  Below are examples of activities which may be done in the classroom instead of the AVR

ø                    OHP Presentation

ø                    Written Examination

ø                    Alternative/Creative Presentation using art materials and other similar items that may not be immediately removed or cleaned (Ex. Candles)

AVR House Rules

§                     No food or drinks are allowed inside the AVRs.

§                     Cellular phones should be turned off to avoid equipment static and interference.

§                     White Board Markers should be returned promptly to the College AV Office

§                     As courtesy to the next user, chairs, furniture and equipment should be returned to their proper places.  Paper and any type of litter should not be left on the floor.

§                     Posters and signs should not be taped onto the walls and signs.

§                     Banners should not be nailed on the walls.




For large classes that require an appropriately sized view of a film or power presentations enhanced with sound and video clips, an LCD/Multimedia projector may be used.


The AV staff will assist in the installation of the LCD Projector.  The settings of the projector should not be altered.


§                     To turn on the LCD Projector, gently press and hold down the "standby" button.

§                     When there is a need to hide the projection, the "pic mute" (NEC VT440) or "Reveal" (Megapower Ultrabeam) on the remote should be used instead of "standby" in the control panel of the unit.

§                     When "standby" is pressed, the unit will also shut off the computer monitor in about a minute.

§                     To preserve the lamp, the LCD Projector should not be unplugged unless it is certain that the projector has been shut down properly.  To turn it off, gently press "standby" and hold it down in about 3 seconds.  A message that says "please wait" will appear on the projection.


§                     Please put the LCD Projector on "Standby" if it will not be used for a few minutes.  This practice will help preserve the projector's lamp.  Turning it on again may require a minute or more. 



Computers are available for use in the AVRs.  These computers are for viewing power presentations, interactive software, on-line content, materials in digital format and other related resources.

§                     The desktop and other settings in the computer should not be altered.

§                     The computer should not be shut down.

§                     The computers are strictly for viewing..  No major editing or encoding will be allowed.



Overhead projectors are intended for viewing a short outline, a picture, a diagram or any other similar visual.  Transparencies should only be projected for a brief period of about a few seconds.  As a guide, the College AV suggests the adoption of the 7 by 7 rule.  If the visual will be in text, it should be in the form of an outline and must be not more than 7 lines and not more than 7 words on each line.


OHPs may be reserved up to one (1) week in advance.  This procedure of reserving before the class period will enable the AV Staff to manage the proper delivery of the OHPs.


There are OHPs assigned to some departments and rooms to address the regular OHP requirement.

§                     Units assigned to specific rooms should not be removed without prior notice and permission from the department or the College AV.

§                     There are eight (8) additional OHPs available at the College AV office.  Upon request (through reservation), these units will be delivered and retrieved by an AV personnel.

§                     Classes and individuals who have not reserved any OHP should not take any units that they see in a room or corridor as these may have been delivered there for another class or individual.

§                     OHPs should not be used other than their intended function.

§                     OHPs should not be left on for more than a few seconds.

§                     Questions can be written on the chalkboard

§                     Long text can be included in a handout and distributed.

§                     OHPs should not be used as a spotlight.  The College AV is providing Footlights to anyone who would require them.




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