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JZ 1234 C73 2017
General Collection
Critical methods in political and cultural economy
by Montgomerie, Johnna, editor
xiii, 167 pages ; 24 cm.

©2017 Published by Routledge , Abingdon, Oxon, 2017
ISBN 9781138934276 (pbk)
Series:  RIPE series in global political economy
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index
Contents:  1. Reimaginging critical methods / Johnna Montgomerie -- 2. Forging new paths in the critical school / Johnna Montgomerie -- 3. Developing a language of methods within the critical school / Johnna Montgomeria 4. Iterative reflexive research strategy / Johnna Montgomerie -- 5. On evidence and corroboration / Johnna Montgomerie.
Summary: Critical Methods in Political and Cultural Economy offers students and scholars the first methods book for the critical school of International Political Economy (IPE). What does it mean to 'do' critical research? How do we write about the evidence we present? This volume explores our shared critical ethic to demonstrate how methods are transformative and reimagines research strategies as both an embodied practice and a social process. By presenting methodologically informed ways of researching, enriched by real-life accounts from academics doing empirical research, the volume seeks to forge a new collaborative path that builds a critical ethic and modes of inquiry within International Political Economy. Substantive chapters advance the pluralism of the critical school of cultural political economy and seek to articulate its nascent research ethic. Short autobiographical vignettes articulate the professional journeys of contributors who 'do' critical political economy. There is practical advice on how to develop evidence from an iterative reflexive research strategy. Using this innovative format offers a guide to methods in critical political economy by engaging directly with the people doing research, not only as technical practice but also as lived experience. The combination of research and practice presented throughout the book offers an extensive and authoritative framework for evaluating how methods are part of critical research and will be essential reading for all students and scholars of IPE.
Editor:  Montgomerie, Johnna
Content type:  text
Media type:  unmediated
Carrier type:  volume
Book ID 1000146904
International relations -- Research -- Methodology
Political science -- Research -- Methodology
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