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REF B 105 P54 H358 2015 (COL)
The handbook of the study of play
2 volumes ; 26 cm

©2015 Published by Rowman & Littlefield , Lanham, Maryland
ISBN 9781475807943 (hb)
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index
Contents:  Overview : play as self realization: towards a general theory of play / Thomas Henricks -- Integrative approaches to the biological study of play / Gordon Burghardt -- Play in America : an historical overview / Jon-Paul C. Dyson -- Psychological approaches to the study of play / Doris Bergen -- Anthropology and the study of play / Garry Chick -- Parent-child play across cultures : theoretical considerations and suggestions for advancing play research / Jaipaul L. Roopnarine and Kimberly Davidson -- Sociological perspectives on play / Thomas S. Henricks -- Contributions of humanistic and positive psychology to the understanding of play / Peter Gray -- Philosophizing play / Wendy Russell and Emily Ryall -- Classical theories of play / Thomas S. Henricks -- Modern theorists of play : Huizinga, Caillois, Goffman, and Henricks / Thomas S. Henricks -- The interpretation of play : psychoanalysis and beyond / Stephen P. Demanchick -- Standing 'a head taller than himself' : Vygotskian and post-Vygotskian views on children's play / Elena Bodrova and Deborah Leong -- Play through a Bakhtinian lens / Lynn E. Cohen -- Piaget's sympathetic but unromantic account of children's play / Richard DeLisi -- Play theory : a personal journey and new thoughts / Brian Sutton-Smith -- Games psychotherapists play : hide and seek in the therapeutic dialog / Terry Marks-Tarlow -- Play and early childhood education / David Kuschner -- Recess and learning : research on the effects of recess on children and teachers / Olga S. Jarrett -- The principles of playwork / Fraser Brown -- "Jamming together" as musical play / Patricia A. St. John -- Performance, theatre, and improvisation : bringing play and development into new arenas / Carrie Lobman -- Play interventions and therapy / Cindy Dell Clark -- Where are we now? : challenges to the study of play / Thomas S. Henricks -- A student's guide for understanding play through the theories of Brian Sutton-Smith / Alice M. Meckley -- Play therapy on the edge : understanding definitions and change mechanisms / Stephen P. Demanchick and Mary Anne Peabody -- How does play contribute to literacy? / James F. Christie and Kathleen A. Roskos -- Designing and creating playgrounds : the future is now / Joe L. Frost -- Mapping the landscape of children's play / David Lancy -- Challenges to research on play : mending the methodological mistakes / Angeline S. Lillard, Rebecca A. Dore, Emily J. Hopkins, and Eric D. Smith -- Does play have to be playful? / Lynn A. Barnett and Megan H. Owens -- Play fighting and real fighting / Peter Smith -- Playing nicely together : integrating studies of well-being and play / Gwen Gordon -- Give play a chance : the psychobiology of play and the benefits of social playfulness / Jaak Panksepp -- Epilogue : what's not play? / Scott Eberle
Summary: The Handbook of the Study of Play brings together, in two volumes, thinkers whose diverse interests at the leading edge of scholarship and practice define the current field. Because play is an activity that humans have shared across time, place, and culture, and in their personal developmental timelines - and because this behavior stretches deep into the evolutionary past - no single discipline can lay claim to exclusive rights to study the subject. Thus, this handbook features the thinking of evolutionary psychologists; ethologists and biologists; neuroscientists; developmental psychologists; psychotherapists and play therapists; historians; sociologists and anthropologists; cultural psychologists; philosophers; theorists of music, performance, and dance; specialists in learning and language acquisition; and playground designers. Together, but out of their varied understandings, the incisive contributions to The Handbook of the Study of Play take on vital questions of educational policy, literacy, fitness, the role of play in brain development, spotaneity and pleasure, well-being and happiness, fairness, and the fuller realization of the self. These volumes also comprise an intellectual history, offering retrospective looks at the great thinkers who have made possible the modern study of play. -- from back cover
Contributor:  Johnson, James E. (James Ewald), 1947- editor of compilation
Contributor:  Eberle, Scott G., 1952- editor of compilation
Contributor:  Henricks, Thomas S., editor of compilation
Contributor:  Kuschner, David, 1948- editor of compilation
Book ID 1000146564
Play (Philosophy)
Play -- Social aspects
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