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RC 564 V45 2017 (COL)
General Collection
Group treatment for substance abuse : a stages-of-change therapy manual
by Velasquez, Mary Marden
Edition: Second Edition
xi , 308 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm

©2016 Published by The Guilford Press , New York, NY
ISBN 9781462523405 (pbk)
Summary: A manual on group-based treatment of substance use disorders, this practical book is grounded in the transtheoretical model and emphasizes the experiential and behavioral processes of change. The program helps clients move through the stages of change by building skills for acknowledging a problem, deciding to act, developing and executing a plan, and accomplishing other critical tasks. The authors provide step-by-step guidelines for implementing the 35 structured sessions, along with strategies for enhancing motivation. In a large-size format with lay-flat binding for easy photocopying, the volume includes 58 reproducible handouts. Purchasers get access to a Web page where they can download and print the reproducible materials.-- Provided by publisher.
Note: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents:  Introduction -- I. How to Help People Change. 1. How People Change: The Transtheoretical Model -- 2. Strategies for Facilitating Change -- 3. Putting It All Together: Setting Up and Carrying Out the Intervention -- II. Thinking about Changing Substance Use: P/C/P Sequence: Precontemplation-Contemplation-Preparation. P/C/P Session 1: The Stages of Change -- P/C/P Session 2: Myths and Misconceptions -- P/C/P Session 3: Alcohol's Effects on the Body -- P/C/P Session 4: Drugs' Effects on the Body -- P/C/P Session 5: The Brain and Substance Use -- P/C/P Session 6: Expectations -- P/C/P Session 7: Personal Values -- P/C/P Session 8: Expressions of Concern -- P/C/P Session 9: Relationships -- P/C/P Session 10: Tipping the Balance of Change -- P/C/P Session 11: Gratitude -- P/C/P Session 12: Roles -- P/C/P Session 13: Self-Control -- P/C/P Session 14: Temptation and Confidence -- P/C/P Session 15: Problem Solving -- P/C/P Session 16: Preparing for Change -- P/C/P Session 17: Review and Termination -- III. Making Changes in Substance Use. A/M Sequence: Action-Maintenance -- A/M Session 1: The Stages of Change -- -- A/M Session 2: High-Risk Situations -- A/M Session 3: Mindfulness -- A/M Session 4: Disrupting Habits -- A/M Session 5: Managing Cravings and Urges -- A/M Session 6: Acceptance -- A/M Session 7: Rewarding My Successes -- A/M Session 8: Assertive Communication -- A/M Session 9: Effective Refusals -- A/M Session 10: Managing Criticism -- A/M Session 11: Positive Thinking -- A/M Session 12: Managing Anxiety -- A/M Session 13: Wellness -- A/M Session 14: Moving Forward -- A/M Session 15: Recommitting after a Slip -- A/M Session 16: Social Support -- -- A/M Session 17: Building Your Future -- A/M Session 18: Review and Termination -- Appendix. Professional Contacts and Suggested Resources -- References -- Index.
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Group psychotherapy
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