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BF 723 E6 M87 2017 (COL)
General Collection
Nurturing natures : attachment and children's emotional, sociocultural and brain development
by Music, Graham, 1957-
Edition: Second edition
xv, 364 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm.

©2017 Published by Routledge , Abingdon, Oxon, 2017
ISBN 9781138101449 (pbk)
Note: Revised edition of the author's Nurturing natures, c2011

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Contents:  Acknowledgements -- Introduction: the blind men and the elephant -- Beginnings of emotional and social development -- Life begins : from conception to birth -- Born to relate -- Infant coping mechanisms, mismatches, and repairs in relating -- Empathy, self, and other minds -- Overarching bodies of ideas -- Attachment -- Culture -- Biology and the brain -- Epigenetics, evolution and how nature meets nurture -- Developmental capacities and stages -- Language, words, and symbols -- Memories : learning who we are and what to expect -- Play: fun, symbolising, practising, and mucking about -- Boys, girls, and gender -- Not just mothers -- Nonmaternal care and childcare -- Middle childhood, siblings, peers and group life -- The place of fathers -- Moving towards adulthood -- Consequences of early experiences -- Trauma, neglect, and their effects -- Resilience and good feelings -- Moral development, antisocial and prosocial behaviour -- Conclusions: earlier experience and its longer-term consequences -- Glossary -- References -- Author index -- Subject index

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Carrier type:  volume
Book ID 1000146422
Emotions in children
Attachment behavior in children
Nature and nurture
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