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HD 30.3 C69 2014 (COL)
General Collection
Strategic internal communication : how to build employee engagement and performance
by Cowan, David, 1961-
x, 176 pages, 24 cm

©2014 Published by Kogan Page , London
ISBN 9780749470111 (pbk.)
Notes:  Includes index.
Contents:  Introduction -- The structure of this book -- Questions01 The new organizational triangle: Internal communications, employee engagement and HR -- 21st-century communications: A changing paradigm -- Communicating in the new information space -- Internal communications is about communicating behaviour -- The internal communications and employee engagement -- partnership -- Partnering with HR: communicating organizational values -- What are the benefits of effective internal communications? -- One last point... -- Questions02 Culture shock: Corporate culture does not exist -- The illusion of organizational culture -- Using dialogue to integrate the organization -- Using dialogue to connect -- Communicating change -- Dialogue as power -- Communication space as a vacuum -- Introducing the ’dialogue box’ -- Questions03 Zone 1: Intelligence - how organizations and people think -- So, what is intelligence? -- The power of knowledge -- Getting your employee’s attention -- The intelligent organization: consensus and learning -- Building the learning organization -- Conclusion -- Questions04 Zone 2: Emotion - How organizations and people feel -- What is emotion? -- Emotional management -- Three steps to effective emotional management -- Strategies for emotional management -- Motivational emotions -- Questions05 Zone 3: Interpretation - How organizations and people understand -- What is interpretation? -- The key of meaning -- Meaning to connect -- Questions06 Zone 4: Narrative - How organizations and people agree (or disagree!) -- What is narrative? -- How we tell stories -- Counter-narrative -- Telling the corporate story -- Questions07 The end zone: Ensuring effective dialogue - how organizations and people talk -- What is dialogue? -- Fostering dialogue -- Connecting and disconnecting -- Disconnected intelligence -- Disconnected emotions -- Disconnected interpretation -- Disconnected narrative -- Epilogue -- Questions08 Using the dialogue box -- 1. Explaining the dialogue box -- 2. Using the dialogue box -- Index.

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Communication in organizations
Communication in management
Communication in personnel management
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