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AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-3 2010 (HS)
Academic Research Paper
Academic research papers
1 v. (various paging) ; 29 cm.

©2010 Published by Miriam College High School , English Area, Quezon City, 2010
Contents  Beyond the façade: men discrimination on media / Beatrice Nicole Acuna, Kristel Van Cuarentas, Gillian Camille Tan. - The unchangeable: positive effects of gender roles in the society / Ma. Jenina Herrera, Danielle Carmela Odeste, Claudine Taccad. - Adoption in a different view: legalization of same-sex marriage and adoption / Paulina Alexandra Aguilar, Gelli Ann Javellana, Samantha Isabelle Santiago. - Men in stilettos: a paper on gender equality through cross dressing / Charlemagne Anne Camus, Alecsandra Morta, Eden Rosario Sarmiento. - Smoking in media: studies, debates and regulation / Donna Giselle Go, Gala Angeni Sanchez, Tiffany Lalaine Vivero. - Cartoons: influencing the moral development of the twenty-first century minority / Jamie Salinas Barnes, Angelica Ernestine Barona, Patricia Marie Tinio. - Violence: finding a niche in children's cartoons / Bianca Denise Anne Belarmino, Josephine Angelica Enriquez, Angela Louise Liwanag. - Porn education: the cure to the society's problem / Jennielle Ken Lapida, Racquel Justine Vasquez. - Effects of squatter demolition: how a problem becomes a solution / Rosarie Mae Nepomuceno, Joan Patricia Sta. Ana, Katrina Tomacruz. - Two-child policy: the remedy to the Philippines' problem of overpopulation / Merced Chelina Adasa, Marie Ashlie De Vera, Maureen Dyan Erni. - The price of freedom: the bailing system as deterrence to authentic criminal justice in the Philippines / Adrienne Beatrix Adre, Marie Anjeanette Cruz, Kevrina Aireole Matutina. - Endangering animal species: animals as illegal testing subjects / Marie Leonise Aguado, Kristine dela Fuente, Kayla Sharice Mariano.
Notes English IV: English for social justice, student research project, SY 2009-2010.
Notes Includes bibliography.
Compiled and edited by Reyes, Kristina B.;
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