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AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-4 2010 (HS)
Academic Research Paper
Academic research papers
1 v. (various paging) ; 29 cm.

©2010 Published by Miriam College High School , English Area, Quezon City, 2010
Contents  The third gender: the role of media in reinforcing the negative mentality of people toward homosexuals / Alyssa S. Ausejo, Patricia Mae B. Paredes, Charissa S. Sevilla. - Fake: how advertisements influence Filipino women's perception of beauty / Kule Mariah Chelsea S. Bulut, Kriska Helena P. Ocampo, Luwalhati S. Peeters. - Traditional household: redefined / Maria Cyrill M. Castillo, Nicole Victoria C. Ceballos, Maria Carmina O. Valdes. - Women on death row: profiles and treatments / Christel Hannah C. Cruz, Ysabelle Francesca T. Ho. - Transformers: an analysis of transsexualism as a mental disorder / Angeli Bianca L. Dalumpines, Allison May P. Samaniego, Samantha C. Yuzon. - The weight, the truth, and the life: an analysis on sizeism among women / Bernadette Anne G. Bibera, Nadina Marie E. Gonzaga, Pamela Luz G. Lee. - Leveling the playing field: the benefits of the government funding the campaigns of presidential candidates / Elina Marie Y. Mendoza, Erika Mae Nicole T. Sandico, Danlyn Ann Georgia S. Tiu. - To serve or not to serve: an analysis of Church involvement in politics / Justine Maria Y. Ayroso, Bernice C. Castaneda, Sophia Jane R. Dy. - Political race: a study on the influence of media on the voting population / Kristabelle T. Capa, Anna Beatrix S. Dela Torre, Janna D. Lojuco. - Kids at work: the effects of children labor on early education / Ezra Viktoria R. Haduca, Louise T. Peralta, Mikaela Maria A. Roman. - Building blocks: regulating urban development in Metropolitan Manila / Angelica A. Enrile-Inton, Jenelle Claudine V. Gabriel, Ji Hyun Park. - The last straw: a study on why the rural poor end up in illegal recruitment agencies / Maria Micaela Regina P. Alejo, Anjanette F. Meily, Rominna Angeline R. Raymundo. - Death scale: an analysis of capital punishment in the Philippines / Catherine Ruth B. Banaag, Dane Larieze L. Chua, Carmelline C. Matriano. - Guns gone good: a study on gun ownership rights as a tool for ensuring civil safety / Alexa S. Abangan, Bernadine A. Narciso, Adelle Rapsing. - Working lolos and lolas: the impact of age discrimination on the labor force / Micah B. Magaro, Vanessa Jane R. Raborar, Nathania Maxene P. Sianghio.
Notes English IV: English for social justice, student research project, SY 2009-2010.
Notes Includes bibliography.
Compiled and edited by Milan, Lora Joy.
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