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AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-5 2011 (HS)
Academic Research Paper
Academic research papers
1 v. (various paging) ; 29 cm.

©2011 Published by Miriam College High School , English Area, Quezon City, 2011
Contents  The fairest of them all: an analysis of beauty contests and their impacts on the diversity of women / Adrienne Dar Juan, Therese Ravina, Angela Ulep. - A major major problem: beauty pageants as detriments to liberal feminism / Krisleen Escobar, Reena Joyce Gomez, Marianne Angelie Urbano. - Life in black and blue: the effects of domestic violence on women / Mary Clarence Carpio, Stephanie Anne Marie Davies, Christine Anne Tiu. - A woman's nightmare: the negative physical, emotional and psychological effects of abortion / Maria Armina Cayago, Stefanie Mei de Belen, Danica Angela Lamasan. - Hazing: a social irony of kinship / Ana Bettina Caronongan, Franzine Foronda, Alyssa June Pasia. - Hegemony: the effects of colonialism on the national identity of the Philippines / Pearl Aquino, Aira Centeno, Alexandra Vuycankiat. - Westernization in a box: a research paper on the effects of Western TV series on Filipino teenagers / Charlene May Tan, Beatrice Coleen Venida, Bianca Isabel Villareal. - I do… not: putting a halt on the bells of same-sex marriage / Maria Claire Isabelle Alonzo, Kathryn Alexandra Vitug. - An unconventional tourist attraction: the effects of child sex tourism and how it damages the development of children / Maria Patricia Bautista, Katherine Mae Morales, Maria Elena Yusay. - No teachers, no books: the worsening conditions of public schools in the Philippines / Felice Anne Cargo, Camille Angela Cruz, Leah Kathleen Mandia. - What's up Doc: socio-psychological effects of violent cartoons on children / Julia Granada, Aura Charisse Santiago, Jennifer Serrano. - Just a game?: the negative psychological effects of video games on adolescents / Marielle Fresno, Mashelle Rae Manapil. - Why vampires suck: how pop culture's vampires negatively affect the mindsets of the youth / Donna May Gamboa, Sarah Katrina Hornilla, Melissa Tolentino. - False advertisements: illusions of beauty / Janice Christiana Concepcion, Faith Anna David, Gabrielle Robes. - Cosmetic ads: setting a distorted standard of beauty / Kayla Castaneda, Marie Gabrielle Reyes, Jacquelynn Virginia Marie sanchez.
Notes English IV: English for social justice, student research project, SY 2010-2011.
Notes Includes bibliography.
Compiled and edited by Milan, Lora Joy.
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