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AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-3 2012 (HS)
Academic Research Paper
Academic research papers
1 v. (various paging) ; 29 cm.

©2012 Published by Miriam College High School , English Area, Quezon City, 2012
Contents  Permission to speak, Sir: the irony of freedom of expression in rallies / Patricia Andrea Guevarra, Rianne Mase, Janille Denise Umali. - Caution, children at work: an analysis on the negative psychological and social effects of child labor / Claudine Joyce Alay-ay, Pristine Grace Rigos, Marta Adriana Zagala. - Work in not child's play: an academic research paper on forced child labor / Candice Lauren Chua, Dessa Kishley Hipolito, Mary Juris Noelle Longboan. - Read between the lines: illiteracy in the rural areas of the Philippines / Czarina Anne Clemente, Ma. Katherine Noelle Don, Isabel Bettina Gatmaitan. - Digging up the roots of the illiterate: prevailing situations contributing to illiteracy in the Philippines / Araceli Deang, Kathleen Camille Rodriguez, Ivy Jean Christy Santos. - Die with a T: media education and body image / Maria Isabela Gatbonton, Mariell Joyce San Jose, Maryanne Grace Sta. Isabel. - I love you, I'm not in love with you: womance in media and its psychological effects on teenage girls / Maria Mikaela Morales, Louise Celina Sicat, Christelle Lianna Soria. - Catholic - is it really?" religion's influence on the discrimination against homosexuals / Danika Adiaz, Donna Anne Salvador, Kristina Margarita Viray. - A call for fair judgment: the psychological and emotional effects of stereotyping on gays and lesbians / Sofia Inez Altavas, Ginelle Espino, Lovely Diane Pestano. -- She's lovely, isn't he?: the psychological and physical effects of sex change / Corazon Lorenzo Mapolon, Geisha Julia Sabayle, Joanne Alexis Tinsay, Elinore Mare Uy. - Don't undress my Barbie: the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of prostitution on children / Mikhaela Isabella Depra, Rinadon Serrano, Maria Danica Velasquez. - Taken: the enslavement of minors in modern-day Asia / Francine Nicole Espinoza, Kirsten Alexa Raposas, Socorro Margarita Rodrigo. - Enslaved by my conscience: psychological effects of abortion on teenage girls / Micah Althea Buenviaje, Ayumi Sono, Jean Colleen Vergara. - You're so plastic, not fantastic: an academic research paper on the negative effects of cosmetic surgery / Marjorie Faye Alcaraz, Kathleen Trish Cortez, Jean Mari Enriquez.
Notes English IV: English for social justice, student research project, SY 2011-2012.
Notes Includes bibliography.
Compiled and edited by Milan, Lora Joy.
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