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817.54 H88 2010 (HS)
General Collection
Humor me : an anthology of funny contemporary writing (plus some great old stuff too)
Edition: 1st ed.
xii, 321 p. ; 24 cm.

©2010 Published by HarperCollins Publishers , New York, 2010
ISBN 9780061728945
Edited by Frazier, Ian
Summary "A literary cavalcade ... featuring more than fifty pieces of the greatest comic writing of our time. The book includes such masters of the form as Roy Blount, Jr., Bruce Jay Friedman, Veronica Geng, Jack Handey, Garrison Keillor, Steve Martin, and Calvin Trillin, as well as work by newer comic stars like Andy Borowitz, Larry Doyle, Simon Rich, George Saunders, and David Sedaris, ... [and] classics by Bret Harte, Elizabeth Bishop, Donald Barthelme, and Mark Twain." -- Dust jacket.
Contents  Now : Fall fashion report from a local correctional facility / Henry Alford -- This old bod / Roger Angell -- Salute to John Wayne / Roy Blount, Jr. -- Theatre-lobby notices / Andy Borowitz -- I loves the garish days / Lynn Caraganis -- Gimme no static / Rich Cohen -- Hepatitis F / Prudence Crowther -- Life without Leann / Larry Doyle -- Magical grasp of antiques / Glenn Eichler -- What the twister did / Bill Franzen -- Lamentations of the father / Ian Frazier -- Let's hear it for a beautiful guy / Bruce Jay Friedman -- Plan 10 from zone R-3 / Polly Frost -- What he told me / Frank Gannon -- La cosa noshtra / Veronica Geng -- Gum / Scott Gutterman -- What I'd say to the Martians / Jack Handey -- The fragging / Larry Heinemann -- Around the horne / Garrison Keillor -- Evidently, it was live then / Dan Kennedy -- Girl / Jamaica Kincaid -- From Glengarry Glen Ross / David Mamet -- The third millennium: so far, so good / Steve Martin -- Geeting along with the Russians / Patricia Marx -- La bamba hot line / Bobbie Ann Mason -- Fair warming / Ian Maxtone-Graham -- Hitler's secret diary / Bruce McCall -- The miracle of the fish plate / Patrick F. McManus -- The royal visitor / George Meyer -- There shall be no bottom (a bad play for worse actors) / Mark O'Donnell -- A naturalist's notes / David Owen -- Six days: some rememberings / Grace Paley -- I don't talk service no more / Charles Postis -- Scarliotti and the Sinkhole / Padgett Powell -- Play nice / Simon Rich -- Adams / George Saunders -- Save our bus heards / Cathleen Schine -- A plague of tics / David Sedaris -- The wrong Shapiro at the right time / Susan Shapiro -- A prayer / Paul Simms -- The married life: the whole truth thus far / Mark Singer -- How important moments in my life would have been different if I was shot twice in the stomach at close range / Jake Swearingen -- Curtain time / Calvin Trillin -- I embrace the new candor / George W.S. Trow -- A mild complaint / John Updike. -- Some great old stuff: Muck-a-Muck: a modern Indian novel after Cooper (1867) / Bret Harte -- 1601 (1880) / Mark Twain -- Anecdotes from the life of Pushkin (1930s) / Daniil Kharms -- History in the balance (1958) / Calvin Tomkins -- The bathhouse (1961) / Michail Zoshchenko -- How to write good (1971) / Michael O'Donoghue -- Thailand / Donald Barthelme -- The ultimate diary (further jottings of a contemporary composers (1975) / Howard Moss -- 12 o'clock news (1979) / Elizabeth Bishop.
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