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Tr. Ref. 305.2355 Ap6 2007 (HS)
Teachers' Reference
Approaches to positive youth development
xii, 352 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.

©2007 Published by Sage Publications , Los Angeles, 2007
ISBN 9781412922883
Contents:  Approaches to positve youth development: a view of the issues -- Development assets: an overview of thoery, research, and practice -- Civic engagement as an expression of positive youth development -- Soci(et)al scaffolding of individual growth across the life span -- Perceived social inequity and responses to conflict among diverse youth of color: the effects of social and physical context on youth behavior and attitudes -- Not you! Here! Not now! -- Life chances and opportunities in time and social change: evidence from tow British Birth Coharts-- Social control and adolescent development looking on the bright side of adolescent close relationships -- The lonf way to entrepreneurship: personality, parenting, early interests, and competencies as presursors for entrepreneurial activity among the 'termites' -- Adolescent spiritually and positive youth development: a look at religion, social capital, and moral functioning -- Youth political activism: sources of public hope in the context of globalization -- Macrosocial worries as a source of positive youth development: results of a 20-year longitudinal study and policy implications -- From 'I' to 'We': development of capacity for teamwork in youth porgrams -- Prevention againts substance misuse: life skills and positive youth development -- Building resources in the context of socioeconomic disadvatage; lessons from research for social policies.
Edited by Silbereisen, R. K. (Rainer K.) and Lerner, Richard M.
Book ID 1000117705
Youth development
Youth -- Services for
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