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HQ 536 B46 2009 (COL)
General Collection
Marriages & families : changes, choices, and constraints
by Benokraitis, Nijole V.
Edition: 6th
xxvii,646 p. : ill. ; 28 cm.

©2009 Published by Pearson Education, Inc. , Upper Saddle, New Jersey
ISBN 9780138156268 (pbk.)

 Marriage and the family in perspective -- The changing family -- Studying marriage and the family -- The family in historical perspective -- Racial and ethnic families: strengths and stresses -- The individual and the developing relationship -- Gender roles and socialization -- Love and loving relationships -- Sexuality and sexual expression throughout life -- Individual and marital commitments -- Choosing others: dating and mate selection -- Singlehood, cohabitation, and other nonmarital options -- Marriage and communication in committed relationships -- Parents and children -- To be or not to be a parent: more choices, more constraints -- Raising children: prospects and pitfalls -- Conflicts and crises -- Families and work: facing the economic squeeze -- Family violence and other crises -- Separation and divorce -- Changes and transitions -- Remarriage and stepfamilies: life after divorce -- Aging and family life: grandparents, the widowed, and caregivers -- The family in the twenty-first century -- Appendix A: Sexual anatomy -- Appendix B: Sexual problems, dysfunctions, and treatment -- Appendix C: Conception, pregnancy, and childbirth -- Appendix D: Birth control and disease prevention techniques -- Appendix E: HIV, AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases -- Appendix F: Premarital and nonmarital agreements
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Family -- United states
Marriage -- United States
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