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LCP 808.09072 L71 III-8 2007 (HS)
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Literary criticism papers
1 v. (various paging), 28 cm.

©2007 Published by Miriam College High School , Quezon City, 2007
Notes English III: English for global citizenship. Student research project, SY 2006 - 2007.
Includes Bibliography and appendix
Edited and compiled by Castillo, Lalaine L.
Contents:  1. A critical exploration on women representation in Luis Katigbak's Kara's place / Kathryn B. Acuña. - 2. A tropical winter's tale : an assessment on the literal and figurative meanings of the title of Charlson Ong's "A tropical winter's tale / Krisha Angela D. Almario. - 3. Importance of women in the society : a critical exploration on feminism and gender issues in Butch Dalisay's "Things men hate" / Alyzza Annel S. Angeles. - 4. Liberty special : a Marxist view on social classes in "Oldtimer" by Butch Dalisay / Andrea Francesca B. Aurellado. - 5. Empowering family values toward a better life : an exploration of family issues and contradicting concerns in Aureaus Solitto's "Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" / Mitsuko Marie Awayan. - 6. Individual in conflict : a critical exploration of psychoanalytic concepts in Aureaus Solitto's "Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" / Kristine Balbuena. - 7. A critical analysis of women : oppression today in Luis Katigbak's "Kara's place / Ma. Michaela A. Bayot. - 8. Oppression : its effects as a prime motivator : a critical exploration on Marxism in relation to an oppressed character in Tony Y. Reyes' "Enteng Kabisote" / Marielle R. Belleza. - 9. The right stance against women : an analytical exploration of women issues in Luis Katigbak's "Kara's place" / Mary Ann Romero Briones. - 10. Oppression and class struggle connect : a critical analysis of class struggle and oppression in Conrado De Quiros' "Ten things to love about being in the Philippines / Razelle Kaye P. Cabanting. - 11. Stressing the value of women : empowerment : exploring how women are oppressed / Vanese Arielle R. Calipto. - 12. A quest for supremacy and vengeance : a critical study of the disemboweled pig in Charlson Ong's "A tropical winter's tale" / Emmanuelle G. Carranza. - 13. Blood is thicker than water : a research paper on the movie : "Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" / Angelica Gabrielle R. Castro. - 14. A call for equality : an essential study of social status in Christina Pantoja-Hidalgo's "Provinciana" / Anna Francesca V. Chichioco. - 15. Phantom pleasures of an incarcerated soul : an analysis of feminist issues in Serverino Montano's "Sabina / Charylou Anne T. Chu. - 16. Unnoticed oppression of one's character : a critical exploration of oppressing ones character in Aida Rivera Ford's "Love in the cornhusks" / Niña Luela P. Cleofas. - 17. Dynamism of gender distinction : a critical analysis of gender versatility in Aureaus Solito's "Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros / Nicole Louise T. dela Cruz. - 18. To drop or to keep : a critical exploration of unwanted pregnancy and the factors leading to motherhood and abortion in Jessica Zafra's "Portents" / Florence Philippa Conception A. Duque. - 19. Eradicating subdued memoirs : a psychoanalytic view of Felisa H. Batacan's "Smaller and smaller circles" / Patricia Mae M. Encarnacion. - 20. Central unity, resolves : a significant study of the application of the new criticism approach on Ricardo de Ungria's "Carts" / Therese Diane B. Estrada. - 21. Demand for due recognition : a critical study of gender inequality in Wilfrido Ma. Guerrero's "Three rats" / Alyssa Cerise I. Estrada. - 22. A somber fate, a sorrowful death : a critical study on Severino Montano's "Sabina" / Nicole Alexine V. Florendo. - 23. Double occupancy in one body " a critical study of multiple personalities in Butch Dalisay's "Spy story" / Monica T. Garcia. - 24. Culture of the Philippines : a vital study of the text, "Where is the patis? And the importance of culture to the Philippine country / Jewel Anne P. Gonzales. - 25. Daydreaming : a part of a man's life : a critical study about the unconscious in Luis Katigbak's "Passengers" / Mariah Guevarra. - 26. Humans as rats : an exploration of character archetype in Wilrido Guerrero's "Three rats" / Joanna Marie O. Isidroro. - 27. Personality analysis : a critical analysis on the personality of the main character in Luis Katigbak's "Birthday" / Maureen Joyce M. Magdamo. - 28. Finding pieces of the puzzle : an unraveling of factors that led to a murder in Lino Brocka's "Insiang" / Gellie Anne Maglasang. - 29. On women empowerment and independence : a critical analysis on the discrimination of empowered women n Aida Rivera Ford's "The chieftest mourner" / Krisel L. Mariano. - 30. When two personas collide " a search for the personality type of Emil in Luis Katigbak's "Happy endings" / Elizabeth Anne S. Marron. - 31. Woman of power and free will : a feminist analysis of Faye Kabisote in Joey Y. Reyes' "Enteng Kabisote " ok ka fairy ko, the legend continues" / Genina E. Navarro. - 32. The individual's influenced sexuality and development : an analytical exploration of peer influence and their effect to the personal in Aureaus Solito's "Ang pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" / Carla Mariel Pajarillo. - 33. Play with fire : a critical analysis on gender issues in Luis Katigbak's "Kara's Place" / Abigayle Mari L. Peralta. - 34. Read, react, reflect : an analytical expression of the formalistic elements in Edith L. Tiempo's "The prism" / Jesse Angelica Q. San Juan. - 35. An every woman's intuition : a critical analysis of Anya's empowerment in Luis Katigbak's "Away" / Jemabelle Sante. - 36. "Of rockstars and writers" : a literary in-depth discussion of Zafra's "Take on Kurt Cobain in Jessica Zafra's "To die and to live for rock" / Pauline Marie E. Suarez. - 37. The faces of Insiang " a critical exploration of psychoanalytic issues in Lino Brocka's "Insiang" / Joshua Anne Therese D. Tan. - 38. Beyond the gender exterior : a critical exploration of the objectification of women in Luis Katigbak's "Kara's place" / Ma. Beatrice Anne D. Tanjanco. - 39. Relationships and the tides of society : a critical exploration of relationships and society issues in Severino Montano's "Sabina" / Krishia Nathalie P. Zabala.
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Literature -- History and criticism
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