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AARP 808.09072 An8 IV-6 2007 (HS0
Reserve Section
An anthology of academic research papers
1 v. (various paging) : 29 cm.

©2007 Published by Miriam College High School , Quezon City, 2007
Contents  I. Poverty. Midget wage for living : a study of insufficiency of the minimum wage i9n the Philippines by Nina Isabela Garcia, Roselle Naida Silva, Carmel Anne Songco. - Looking beyond the borders of migration : the Filipino diaspora in focus by Karla Estacio, Angelica Labudahon, Gaea Marie Rosell. - Death penalty : an effective heinous crime deterrent? By Janine Pia Cohamco, Pauline Marie Limgenco, Ma. Margarita Santos. - Living hell holes : a study on the Philippine prison conditions by Krizia Philippine prison conditions by Krizia Aldina Cruz, Arby Kristie Lazarte, Paulyn Lentejas. - II. Gendered "I". Pink or blue : a relational analysis on effects of gender stereotyping to children and adults by Kim Lara Darren Baluyot, Kathrine Camille Tabaldo, Patricia Denise Tiburcio. - The cross and the knife : obliterating the barrier between the church and transexuality by Michelle Nicole Alano, Janine Mostos, Visitacion Hermogena Uy. - The lost boys : men in sex trade by Mindy Shamane Molina, Alyssa Andrea Rose Ramirez, Kriska Paulynn Rivadillo. - Dissillusioned fears : eradicating homosexuality in today's society by Patricia Danielle Julian, Jana Lyra Manlangit, Patricia Anne Mae Santos. - III. Aged "I". Stereotyping and adolescents by Halima Al-Taie, Amica De Leon, Ann a Isabelle Malay, Stephanie Jean Martinez. - IV. Political "I". Solitary confinement : a study on the possible effects on national seclusion in the Philippines by Marie Angela Delos Santos, Angelica Labudahon, Ma. Nicola Roa. - V. Others. The news room : an examination of news media's role in shaping the Philippine society's perception of certain issues of social justice by Jessica Amanda Bauza, Bianca Carmela Cruz, Ma. Angelicon Mapue. - Beauty as a plus-factor : an explanation on appearance discrimination in employment by Alihd Yuniza De Mesa, Bianca Marie Mendoza, Pauline Camille Paz. - Jeopardizing the truth : spate of the community journalists killing by Celine Marie Barrozo, Aliza Concepcion, Karla Jessica De Quiros.
Notes English IV : English for social justice, SY 2006 -- 2007. Student research project, SY 2006 -- 2007.
Includes Bibliography and appendix
Edited and compiled by De Guzman, Sofia Soledad
Book ID 1000116102
Sex crimes
Journalists killings
Discrimination in employment
Discrimination in employment
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