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CA A93 F74 2008 (COL)
Awakening : cimenalaya 2005 films as channels of socially relevant themes
x, 120 p. : ill. ; 29 cm.

©2008 Published by The Authors
ABSTRACT:  The researchers have come up with a major research problem: "How do the three randomly selected Cinemalaya 2005 films become channels of socially relevant themes?" The study's general objective is to ascertain how these movies are able to communicate things about reality. By way of this major problem and objective, the researchers have come up with a list of more specific purposes to help answer other minor dilemmas that will be tackled in this research. These are: 1. To find out why and how the three randomly selected Cinemalaya 2005 films mirror or reflect society in their themes as perceived by the filmmakers, 2. To know the perception of the filmmakers of the three randomly selected Cinemalaya 2005 films on how the socially relevant films affect the audience. 3. To learn what is socially relevant to the society through the FGD participants' opinions 4. And to produce a video documentary on the interviews conducted with the filmmakers that will supplement the research. This study used descriptive research design in a form of film review, open-ended interviewing and focus group discussion. The research approach was qualitative through open-ended interviews with selected producers, directors, and writers whose entries were the three randomly selected films of Cinemalaya 2005. The purpose of the qualitative research approach was to know the feature or kinds of themes which were often socially relevant, presented in the randomly selected indie films. Filmmakers were not conscious if their films were socially relevant or not. Their priority was to write a story that would present the real state of the society. It was upon the decision of the viewers if what they see present social issues or not. The makers of films cannot really measure the effects of their films on the audience. Also, viewers should first be aware of what is socially relevant then accept it, before a film would become effective for them. A person cannot be changed by just one movie. There has to be continuous exposure to these films for viewers to have an impact on them. For the FGD participants, socially relevant issues included bribery among politicians and policemen, poverty which resulted to criminality, wide gap between the rich and poor, homosexuality, prostitution, gender inequality, and quarrying. Those issues were the real and present situation in the surroundings which people do not usually talk about much. Socially relevant themes serve as awareness, eye-opener, and lessons to the people. This study will do well to communication arts students and practitioners, aspiring filmmakers, indie filmmakers, Film professors and students, and the Cinemalaya Foundation. The researchers therefore conclude that selected Cinemalaya 2005 filmmakers expressed themselves through the type of media they chose. They have no intentions of making stories that were socially relevant. The effects of the three films on the audience could not be determined by the production teams. Another conclusion was that the FGD participants- composed of six MAE students and seven film students-thought that the three films were indeed socially relevant. Their concept of social relevance was the real and present situation of the society based on what they have observed around them.
Authors:  Freo, Maria Roanne S; Ildefonso, Deborah Jean L; Laman, Nenita Ro C; Lingat, Mariel Nicole M; Lirios, Marionne S.
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