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BF 441 P38 2008 No.530 (COL)
General Collection
Thinker's Guide for students on how to study & learn a discipline using critical concepts & tools
by Paul, Richard, Dr.
48 p. ; 21 cm.

©2008 Published by Foundation of Critical Thinking , Dillon Beach, CA
ISBN 0944583113 (pbk.)
Series:  Thinker's guide library
Added Author:  Elder, Linda
Contents  Laying the foundation: Ideas for becoming a master student -- How to study and learn a discipline -- How to learn with discipline -- How to identify an underlying idea for the subjects you study -- Understanding content through the thinking it requires: Key to deep learning -- How to identify the structure of a subject: Elements of thought -- How to figure out the form of thinking essential to courses or subjects -- How to think within the ideas of a subject -- How to analyze the logic of an article, essay, or chapter -- How to figure out the logic of a textbook -- How to understand ideas -- How to control (and not be controlled by) ideas -- How to understand reading, writing, speaking, listening and thinking -- How to learn ideas from textbooks -- Following through: How good a student are you know? test yourself -- How to think through the defining traits of the disciplined mind -- How to understand intellectual standards -- How to question using intellectual standards -- How to evaluate an author's reasoning -- How to raise important questions within a subject -- How to distinguish one-system from competing-systems disciplines -- How to ask questions about fields of study -- How to ask questions about textbooks -- How to understand the logic of Biochemistry (an example) -- How to think biologically (an example) -- How to think Historically (an example) -- How to understand the logic of philosophy, sociology, and archaeology (three final examples) -- How to understand the role of questions in thinking and learning -- How to distinguish inert information and activated ignorance from activated knowledge -- Test to repeat in every class and subject.
Book ID 1000114995
Critical thinking
Problem solving
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