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BF 441 P38 2006 No.590 (COL)
General Collection
Miniature guide for students and faculty to scientific thinking/
by Paul, Richard, Dr.
48 p. : ill. ; 22 cm.

©2006 Published by Foundation of Critical Thinking , Dillon Beach, CA
ISBN 0944583180 (pbk.)
Series:  Thinker's guide library
Added Author:  Elder, Linda
Contents  Why scientific thinking -- Elements of scientific thought -- Checklist for scientific reasoning -- Questions using the elements of scientific thought -- Scientific thinking seeks to quantify, explain, and predict relationships in nature -- Scientific thinking requires precision -- Experimental thinking requires experimental controls -- Universal intellectual standards in scientific thinking -- Analyzing the logic of scientific articles -- Analyzing the logic of science textbooks -- Two kinds of scientific questions -- Analyzing the logic of an experiment -- Criteria for evaluating scientific reasoning -- Scientific reasoning abilities -- Intellectual dispositions essential to scientific thinking -- What scientific thinkers routinely do -- Stages of scientific thinking development -- Questioning mind in science (Newton, Darwin, and Einstein) -- Logic of science -- Logic of scientific disciplines -- Problem of unscientific thinking -- Pseudo-science : why astrology is not a science -- Critical approach to scientific thinking -- Ethics and science.
Book ID 1000114993
Science -- Methodology
Thought and thinking
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