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REF HQ 1101 F45 1996 v.22 (COL)
Women Studies
Feminist Studies : FS
v.22 (no.1-3) ; 23 cm.

©1996 Published by Feminist Studies , College park, Md., 1996
ISBN 00463663
Contents:  v.22, no.1 - She didn't raise her boy to be a slacker: motherhood, conscription, and the culture of the first World War / Susan Zeiger -- The gendering of human rights: women and the Latin American terrorist state / Nancy Caro Hollander -- Women who love women in Curacao: from Cachapera to open throats, a commentary in collage / Joceline Clemencia -- Rape prosecution, culture, and inequality on postcolonial Grenada / Cynthia Mahabir -- Promises, promises: "choices for women" in Canadian and American child care policy debates / Katherine Teghtsoonian -- Stuck (fiction) / Tamara Friedman -- Feminist periodicals and political crisis in Mexico: Fem, Debate feminista, and La Correa feminista in the 1990s / Rebecca E. Biron -- The new literature on gender and the welfare state: the U.S. case (review essay) / Felicia A. Kornbluh -- Jade and Jasmine (fiction) / Lisa Chewning -- Teaching Martin Buber to the ladies aid (poetry) / Ann Schwab -- For women, a victory (poetry) / Jesse Lee Kercheval
Contents:  v.22, no.2 - Death and the mainstream: lesbian detective fiction and the killing of the coming-out story / Anna Wilson -- "This evil extends especially... to the feminine sex": negotiating captivity in the New Mexico borderlands / James F. Brooks -- Joyce J. Scott's Mammy/Nanny series (art essay) / Terry Gips -- Theorizing difference from multiracial feminism / Maxine Baca Zinn and Bonnie Thornton Dill -- In celebration and remembrance (short story) / Barbara Wilson -- "This past was waiting for me when I came": the contextualization of black women's history (review essay) / Francille Rusan Wilson -- The disappearance of Susan Daniel and Henderson Cooper: gender and narratives of political conflict in the reconstruction-era U.S. South / Laura F. Edwards -- Soldiers and sailors (short story) / Su Fidler Cowling -- The prison lesbian: race, class, and the construction of the aggressive female homosexual, 1915-1965 / Estelle B. Freedman -- Women at Farah revisited: political mobilization and its aftermath among Chicana workers in El Paso, Texas, 1972-1992 / Emily Honig
Contents:  v.22, no.3 - What are Chinese women faced with after Beijing? / Wang Jiaxiang -- When girls grow up they have to get marries... / Ge Youli -- The women of China are taking action enlightenment / Song Yuhua -- Our bodies, ourselves in Beijing: breaking the silences / Jennifer J. Yanco -- Some reflections on U.S. women of color and the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women and NGO forum in Beijing, China / Mallika Dutt -- In search of a new economic order: women's agenda for the next millennium / Barbara Hopkins -- Women as sherpas: are global summits useful for women? / Hilary Charlesworth -- The fortune-teller (poetry) / Shirley Geok-lin Lim -- "Big companies don't hire us, married women": exploitation and empowerment among women workers in South Korea / Seung-kyung Kim -- "Bad women": Asian American visual artists Hanh Thi Pham, Hung Liu, and Yong Soon Min (art essay) / Elaine H. Kim -- The problem of silence in feminist psychology / maureen A. Mahoney -- "Auctoritee" and "experience": feminist epistemology and the assessment of experimental learning / Elana Michelson -- A document of roses (poetry) / Jane Jacobson -- "From a world beyond": women in the Holocaust (review essay) / Myrna Goldenberg
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