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REF HQ 1101 F45 1999 v.25 (COL)
Women Studies
Feminist Studies : FS
v.25 (no.1-3) ; 23 cm.

©1999 Published by Feminist Studies , College Park, Md., 1999
ISBN 00463663
Contents:  v.25, no.1 - Cherished classifications: bathrooms and the construction of gender/race on the Pennsylvania railroad during World War II / Patricia Cooper and Ruth Oldenziel -- The hidden history of affirmative action: working women's struggles in the 1970s and the gender of class / Nancy MacLean -- Closing in on the "plantation": coalition building and the role of black women's grievances in Duke University labor disputes, 1965-1968 / Erik Ludwig -- Proposition 209 and the affirmative action debate on the University of California campuses / Ula Taylor -- Making equity a priority: anatomy of the York University strike of 1997 / Linda Briskin and Janice Newson -- Through my lens: a video project about women of color faculty at the University of Michigan / Frances R. Aparicio -- The European Union's policy on the equality of women / M. Grazia Rossilli -- Sexual difference and politics in France today / Danielle Haase-Dubosc -- Mothers of Buddhas, mothers of nations: Kumaranatunga and her meteoric rise to power in Sri Lanka / Tessa Bartholomeusz -- Homeworkers in global perspectives (review essay) / Joy Parr
Contents:  v.25, no.2 - Beyond privacy: confessions between a woman and her doctor / Deborah Nelson -- Amicus Curiae (creative writing) / C. Leiren Mower -- The gender of privacy and the embodied self: examining the origins of the right to privacy in U.S. law / Caroline Danielson -- Identity politics and the law in the United States (review essay) / Mariana Valverde -- The rewards of lesbian history (review essay) / Valerie Traub -- Reflections of self-portraiture in photography (art essay) / Ina Loewenberg -- The sound of little hummingbird wings: a Wittgensteinian investigation of forms of life as forms of power / Wendy Lee-Lampshire -- Backgrounds and riverbeds: feminist reflections / Susan Hekman -- The signifying dish: autobiography and history of two black women's cookbooks / Rafia Zafar -- From In the houses of the good people (fiction) / Julie Fay
Contents:  v.25, no.3 - The "savagely fathered and un-mothered world" of the Communist Party, U.S.A.: feminism, maternalism, and "mother bloor" / Kathleen A. Brown -- The selfless and the helpless: maternalist origins of the U.S. welfare state (review essay) / Patrick Wilkinson -- Monument near Luzy (poetry) / Davi Walders -- National politics/local identities: abortion rights activism in post-wall Berlin / Andrea Wuerth -- Organizing for change: women's grassroots activism in Japan / Diana Khor -- Georgette Chen (art essay) / Jane Chia -- Murder and meanings in U.S. historiography (review essay) / Carolyn Strange -- Reading little women, reading motherhood in Japan / Kazuko Watanabe -- Blue (fiction) / A. Wassenberg -- Non-motherhood: ambivalent autobiographies (commentary) / Gayle Lettherby and Catherine Williams -- Transracial mothering and antiracism: the case of white birth mothers of "black" children in Britain / France Winddance Twine
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