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REF HQ 1101 F45 2001 v.27 (COL)
Women Studies
Feminist Studies : FS
v.27 (no.1-3) ; 23 cm.

©2001 Published by Feminist Studies , College Park, Md., 2001
ISBN 00463663
Contents:  v.27, no.1 - Call me Qingnian but not Funu: a Maoist youth in retrospect / Wang Zheng -- Discourses on women's biographies and cultural identity: twentieth-century representations of the life of 'A'isha Bint Abi Nakr / Hoda Elsadda -- The "honor" of the state: virginity examinations in Turkey (feminist studies awars winner) / Ayse Parla -- Women in Iran: notes on film and from the field / Norma Claire Moruzzi -- Orientalism and Middle East feminist studies / Lila Abu-lughod -- Unveiling Scheherazade: feminist orientalism in the international alliance of women, 1911-1950 / Charlotte Weber -- Rose (poetry) / Valerie Wohlfeld -- Memories of the feminist film movement (review essay) / Patricia Aufderheide -- Shooting Solanas: radical feminist history and the technology of failure / Dana Heller -- Radical feminism, lesbian separatism, and queer theory / Kathy Rudy -- Re-visioning the women's liberation movement's narrative: early second wave African American feminists / Rosalyn Baxandall
Contents:  v.27, no.2 - Writing feminist genealogy: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Racial nationalism, and the reproduction of maternalist feminism / Alys Eve Weinbaum -- Weaning the breast (poetry) / Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg -- Motherhood, patriotism, and ethnicity: Soviet Kazakhstan and the 1936 abortion ban / Paula A. Michaels -- Near foaling (poetry) / Elisabeth Lewis Corley -- The changing face of Catholic Ireland: conservatism and liberalism in the Ann Lovett and Kerry Babies scandals / Moira J. Maguire -- Hombre y mujer: housekeeping (poetry) / Aurora Reynoso -- Mothering from a distance: emotions, gender, and intergenerational relations in Filipino transnational families / Rhacel Salazar Parrenas -- (Re)conceiving politics?: women's activism and democracy in a time of retrenchment (review essay) / Martha Ackelsberg -- Daeg-weorc (poetry) / Becky Gould Gibson -- Enduring traditions and new directions in feminist ethnography in the Caribbean and Latin America (review essay) / Carla Freeman and Donna F. Murdock -- Coming home to the self (art essay) / Annalee Davis -- Recent transgender theory (review essay) / Bernice L. Hausman -- Shopping (poetry) / Sarah Kennedy -- Circumstances (fiction) / Rebecca S. Mills -- Academic feminism and interdisciplinarity / Susan Stanford Friedman -- Ethics of care in law and science / Wai Chee Dimock -- Women's studies: interdisciplinary imperatives, again / Robyn Wiegman -- Disciplining interdisciplinarity / Cindi Katz -- Technoscientific imaginations / Banu Subramaniam
Contents:  v.27, no.3 - Nothing else matters but sex: cold war narratives of deviance and the search for lesbian teachers in Florida, 1959-1963 / Stacy Braukman -- Odalisques (poetry) / Jennifer MacKenzie -- Making her (in)visible: cultural representations of lesbianism and the lesbian body in the 1990s / Ann M. Ciasullo -- A pause for Nancy (poetry) / Jennifer MacKenzie -- Acts of madness: lady Audley and the meanings of Victorian femininity / Lynn M. Voskuil -- Red beans; Leavings (poetry) / Shelley Kierman -- Waving, not drowning: personal narratives, feminist pedagogy, and the gesture in psychoanalysis / Eluned Summers-Bremner -- Burial; To my widow (poetry) / Shelley Kierman -- Restoring feminist politics to poststructuralist critique (roundtable; introduction by Carla Kaplan) / Susan Lurie, et al. -- At home in the world?: the gendered cartographies of globality (review essay) / Parama Roy -- Received forms (poetry) / Zephyr Teachout -- "Silence, Miss Carson!": science, gender, and the reception of Silent Spring / Michael B. Smith
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