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REF HQ 1075 G46 1991 v.5 (COL)
Women Studies
Gender & Society : official publication of Sociologists for Women in Society
v.5 (no.1-4) ; 21 cm.

©1991 Published by SAGE Pub. , Newbury Park, 1991
ISBN 08912432
Contents:  v.5, no.1 - Conflict, complement, and control: family and religion among Middle Eastern Jewish women in Jerusalem / Susan Starr Sered -- Class, gender, and machismo: the "treacherous-woman" folklore of Mexican male workers / Manuel Pena -- Culture, gender, and labor force participation: a cross-national study / Roger Clark, Thomas W. Ramsbey, and Emily Stier Adler -- Tourism as a factor in development: implications for gender and work in Barbados / Diane E. Levy and Patricia B. Lerch -- The tea ceremony: a transformed Japanese ritual / Barbara Lynne Rowland Mori -- Asian self-effacement or feminine modesty? attributional patterns of women university students in Taiwan / Kathleen S. Crittenden -- Making a man of him: parents and the sons' education at an English public school, 1929-1950, by Christine Heward; Manliness and morality: middle class masculinity in Britain and America, 1800-1940, edited by J.A. Mangan and James Walvin / Michael S. Kimmel -- Never married women, by Barbara Levy Simon / Linda M. Blum -- Feminism and anthropology, by Henrietta L. Moore / Rayna Rapp -- Women and music in cross-cultural perspective, edited by Ellen Koskoff / Jane Bowers -- Ginger and salt: Yemeni Jewish women in an Israeli town, by Lisa Gilad / Chava Frankfort Nachmias -- Oedipus in the stone age: a psychoanalytic study of masculinization in Papua New Guinea, by Theodore Lidz and Ruth Wilmanns Lidz / Michele D. Dominy -- Women and criminality: the women as victim, offender, and practitioner, by Ronald Barri Flowers and Women, crime and criminal justice, by Allison Morris / Nocile Hahn Rafter -- Female wuthority: empowering women through psychotherapy, by Polly Young-Eisendrath and Florence Wiedemann; The Neurotic woman: the role of gender in psychiatric illness, by Agnes Miles; Freud, women, and morality: the psychology of good and evil, by Eli Sagan; and Women in therapy, by Harriet Goldhor Lerner / Roberta Satow -- Abortion in England, 1900-1967, by Barbara Brookes / Jean Peterman
Contents:  v.5, no.2 - Serving hamburgers and selling insurance: gender, work, and identity in interactive service jobs / Robin Leidner -- Rethinking tokenism: looking beyond numbers / Janice D. Yoder -- Status consistency and work satisfaction among professional and managerial women and men / Margaret L. Cassidy and Bruce O. Warren -- Gender and publishing in sociology / Linda Grant and Kathryn B. Ward -- Sorting gender out in a children's museum / Zella Luria and Eleanor W. Herzog -- Gender differences at work: women and men in nontraditional occupations, by Christine L. Williams / Kimberly G. Miller -- Claiming reality: phenomenology and women's experience, by Louise Levesque-Lopman / Mary Jo Neitz -- Feminist theory and the philosophies of man, by Andrea Nye / Elizabeth V. Spelman -- Labor pains: modern midwives and home birth, by Deborah A. Sullivan and Rose Weitz / Dorothy C. Wertz -- Putting on appearances: gender and advertising, by Diane Barthel / Thelma McCormack -- Inessential women, by Elizabeth Spelman / Marion Smiley -- Changing our minds: feminist transformations of knowledge, edited by Susan Hardy Aiken, et al. / Louise Levesque-Lopman -- Women in cities: gender and the urban environment, edited by Jo Little, Linda Peake, and Pat Richardson / Nancy Kleniewski -- Daughters who care: daughters caring for mothers at home, by Jane Lewis and Barbara Meredith / Sheila M. Neysmith -- The female body and the law, by Zillah Eisenstein / Becky L. Glass -- Building domestic liberty: Charlotte Perkins Gilman's architectural feminism, by Polly Wynn Allen / Kathleen Barry -- Arms and the enlisted woman, by Judith Hicks Stiehm / Janice D. Yoder -- Working parents: transformations in gender roles and public policies in Sweden, by Phyllis Moen; The second shift: working parents and the revolution at home, by Arlie Hochschild / Linda Haas -- Rediscovering masculinity: reason, language, and sexuality, by Victor J. Seidler / Ian M. Harris -- Revolving doors: sex segregation and women's careers, by Jerry A. Jacpbs / Christine L. Williams -- Best friends and marriage: exchange among women, by Stacey J. Oliker / Francesa M. Cancian -- Gender in intimate relationships:a microstructural approach, edited by Barbara J. Risman and Pepper Schwartz / Janet Saltzman Chafetz -- The new politics of pornography, by Donald Alexander Downs / Ronald J. Berger -- Intimate violence: a study of injustice, by Julie Blackman; Defining rape, by Linda Brookover Bourque; and Women and rape, by Cathy Robert / Lisa D. Brush and Mimi Schippers
Contents:  v.5, no.3 - Marxism, feminism, and the struggle for democracy in Latin America / Norma Stoltz Chinchilla -- Gender, social reproduction, and women's self-organization: considering the U.S. welfare state / Johanna Brenner and Barbara Leslett -- The mode of reproduction in transition: a Marxist-feminist analysis of the effects of reproductive technologies / Martha E. Gimenez -- Between a rock and a hard place: women's professional organizations in nursing and class, racial, and ethnic inequalities / Nona Y. Glazer -- Structure and agency in socialist-feminist theory / Amy S. Wharton -- Thinking about wages: the gendered wage gap in Swedish banks / Joan Acker -- Gender and the politics of history, by Joan Wallach Scott / Margo Anderson -- Domesticity and dirt: housewives and domestic servants in the United States, 1920-1945, by Phyllis Plamer / Jan Hullum -- Healing technology: feminist perspectives, edited by Kathryn Strother Ratcliff et al. / Beth Rushing -- Feminist social work, by Lena Dominelli and Eileen McLeod / Anne C. Kok -- Thinking fragments: psychoanalysis, feminism and postmodernism in the contemporary West, by Jane Flax / Roberta Satow -- Promisory notes: women in the transition to socialism, edited by S. Kruks, R. Rapp, and M. Young / Heidi Gottfried -- Susan B. Anthony: a biography of a singular feminist, by Kathleen Barry / Priscilla Older -- Daring to be bad: radical feminism in America, 1967-1975, by Alice Echols / Joan D. Mandle -- Gender trouble: feminism and the subversion of identity, by Judith Butler / Karin A. Martin -- Women, policing, and male violence: international perspectives, edited by Jalna Hammer, Jill Radford, ansd Elizabeth A. Stanko / Dorie Klein -- The cutting edge: women and the pit strike, edited by Vicky Seddon; Women and political conflict: portraits of struggle in times of crisis, edited by Rosemary Ridd and Helen Callaway / Carolyn Howe -- Identity politics: lesbian feminism and the limits of community, by Shane Phelan / Cheryl Kader -- Feminism and the power of law, by Carol Smart; Child custody and the politics of gender, edited by Carol Smart and Selma Sevenhuijsen; The legal relevance of gender: some aspects of sex-biased discrimination, edited by Sheila McLean and Noreen Burrows / Lisa J. McIntyre -- Primate visions: gender, race, and nature in the world of modern science, by Donna Haraway / Likshmi Bandlamudi -- Womanpower: the Arab debate on women at work, by Naria Hijab / Ali Kamali -- Women and the ancestors: black carib kinship and ritual, by Virginia Kerns / Marietta Morrissey -- Homework: historical and contemporary perspectives on paid labor at home, edited by Eileen Boris and Cynthia R. Daniels; A hidden workforce: homeworkers in England, 1850-1985, by Shelley Pennington and Belinda Westover / Sherry Ahrentzen -- Women in the Third World: gender issues in rural and urban areas, by Lynne Brydon and Sylvia Chant; A home divided: women and income in the Third World, edited by Daisy Hilse and Judith Bruce; The household economy: reconsidering the domestic mode of production, edited by Richard Wilk / Robin O'Brian
Contents:  v.5, no.4 - Contradictions of feminist methodology / Sherry Gorelick -- Just what needed to be done: the political practice of women community workers in low-income neighborhoods / Nancy A., Naples -- The "freedom suit": feminism and dress reform in the United States, 1848-1875 / Amy Kesselman -- Barriers to women's small-business success in the United States / Karyn A. Loscocco and Joyce Robinson -- Put up and shut up: workplace sexual assaults / Beth E. Schneider -- Women's persistence in undergraduate majors: the effects of gender-disproportionate representation / Stacy J. Rogers and Elizabeth G. Menaghan -- Motherhood, multiple roles, and maternal well-being: women of the 1950s / Melody L. Miller, Phyllis Moen, anmd Donna Dempster-McClain -- Careers in feminism / Arlene Kaplan Daniels -- Bitter choices: blue-collar women in and out of work, by Ellen Israel Rosen / Eleanor M. Miller -- Women in management worldwide, edited by Nancy J. Adler and Dafna N. Izraeli; Women and men in management, by Gary N. Powell / Diane Rothbard Margolis -- Family, political economy, and demographic change: the transformation of life in Casalecchio, Italy, 1861-1921, by David I. Kertzer and Dennis P. Hogan / Virginia Powell -- Women, development and change: the Third World experience, edited by M. Francis Abraham and P. Subhadra Abraham; Women, international development, and politics: the bureaucratic mire, edited by Kathleen Staudt; Women workers and global restructuring, edited by Kathryn Ward / Davita Silfen Glasberg -- Marriage and inequality in classless societies, by Jane Fishburne Collier; Dialectics and gender: anthropological approaches, edited by Richard R. Randolph, David M. Schneider, and May N. Diaz / Louise Lamphere -- Rural women and state policy: feminist perspectives on Latin American agricultural development, edited by Carmen Diana Deere and Magdalene Leon; Lucha: the struggles of Latin American women. edited by Connie Weil / K. Ann Stebbins -- The conceptual practices of power: a feminist sociology of knowledge, by Dorothy E. Smith / Anne Marie Hunter -- Oedipus in evolution: a new theory of sex, by Christopher Badcock / Karla B. Hackstaff -- The female fear, by Margaret T. Gordon and Stephanie Riger; Surviving sexual violence, by Liz Kelly; I never called it rape, by Robin Warshaw; Feminist perspectives on wife abuse, edited by Kersti Yllo and Michele Bograd / Emily Stier Adler -- Intimate adversaries: cultural conflict between doctors and women patients, by Alexandra Dundas Todd / Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld -- Women, violence and social control, edited by Jalna Hanmer and Mary Maynard; Real rape, by Susan Estrich; Rape on trial, by Zsuzsanna Adler / Pauline B. Bart -- Becoming mature: childhood ghosts and spirits in adult life, by Valerie Malhotra Bentz; The script of life in modern society: entry into adulthood in a changing world, by Marlis Buchmann / Elizabeth Grauerholz
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