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REF HQ 1075 G46 1992 v.6 (COL)
Women Studies
Gender & Society : official publication of Sociologists for Women in Society
v.6 (no.1-4) ; 21 cm.

©1992 Published by SAGE Pub. , Newbury Park, 1992
ISBN 08912432

 v.6, no.1 - Women's sense of responsibility for the care of old people: but who else is going to do it / Jane Aronson -- Surrogacy: for love but not fot money? / Sharyn Roach Anleu -- Having a baby: some predictions of maternal employment around childbirth / Deeann Wenk and Patricia Garrett -- Gender differences in orientation toward retirement from paid labor / Laurie Russell Hatch -- The micropolitics of gender in nonindustrial societies / Scott Coltrane -- Feminist rape education: does it work? / Mary Margaret Fonow, Laurel Richardson, and Virginia A. Wennerus -- Tolerance for sexual harassment related to self-reported sexual victimization / Mary Ellen Reilly, et al. -- Comment on grant and ward, "Gender and publishing in sociology" -- Brave new families, by Judith Stacey / Debra Renne Kaufman -- Job training for women: the promise and limits of public policies, edited by Sharon L. Harlan and Ronnie J. Steinberg / Stacey J. Oliker -- Interpreting women's lives: feminist theory and personal narratives, edited by the Personal Narratives Group / Susan E. Chase -- Brazilian life stories, by Daphne Patai; Gender and work in the Third World: sexual divisions in Brazilian industry, by John Humphrey; and the Women's movement in Latin America: feminism and the transition to democracy, edited by Jane S. Jacquette / Hannah Wartenberg -- From abandonment to hope: community households in Harlem, by Jacqueline Leavitt and Susan Saegert / Gregory D. Squires -- The opposotional imagination: feminism, critique and political theiry, by Joan Cocks / Suzanna Danuta Walters

 v.6, no.2 - They all were passing: Agnes, Garfinkel, and Company / Mary F. Rogers -- They were all doing gender, but they weren't all passing: comment on Rogers / Don H. Zimmerman -- The promise and failure of ethnomethodology from a feminist perspective: comment on Rogers / Roslyn Wallach Bologh -- Resisting the enormous either/or: a response to Bologh and Zimmerman / Mary F. Rogers -- White-collar work values and women's interest in blue-collar jobs / Irene Padavic -- Social class and gender: an empirical evaluation of occupational stratification / Nancy Andes -- The non-effects of class on the gender division of labor in the home: a comparative study of Sweden and the United States / Erik Olin, et al. -- Gender and medical insurance: a test of human capital theory / Karen Seccombe and Leonard Beeghley -- The concept of social role revisited / Mirra Komarovsky -- Backlash: the undeclared war against American women, by Susan Faludi / Muriel G. Cantor -- Beyond methodology: feminist scholarship as lived research, edited by Mary Margaret Fonow and Judith A. Cook / Anna Zajicek -- Luce Irigaray: philosophy in the feminine, by Margaret Whitford; Julia Kristeva, by John Lechte / Diana T. Meyers -- The feminization of poverty: only in America?, edited by Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg and Eleanor Kremen / Steven Pressman -- Women's movements in the United States, by Steven M. Buechler / Ronit Shemtov -- The paradox of change: American women in the 20th century, by William H. Chafe; Feminism without illusions: a critique of individualism, by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese / Beth B. Hess

 v.6, no.3 - Always leading our men in service and sacrifice: Amy Jacques Garvey, Feminist black nationalist / Karen S. Adler -- Gender and race effects on occupational prestige, segregation, and earnings / Wu Xu and Ann Leffler -- Overcoming patriarchal constraints: the reconstruction of gender relations among Mexican immigrants women and men / Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo -- Moving up with kin and community: upward social mobility for black and white women / Elizabeth Higginbotham and Lynn Weber -- Activist mothering: cross-generational continuity in the community work of women from law-income urban neighborhoods / Nancy A. Naples -- Constructing gender: an exploration of Afro-American men's conceptualization of manhood / Andrea G. Hunter and James Earl Davis -- Ethnicity and the social construction of gender in the Chinese diaspora / James A. Geschwender -- Review symposium: Patricia Hill Collins, Black feminist thought: knowledge, consciousness, and the politics of empowerment / Robert G. Newby, Deborah K. King, Barrie Thorne -- Unequal sisters: a multicultural reader in women's history, edited by Ellen Carol Dubois and Vicki L. Ruiz; Making face, making soul: haciendo caras, edited by Gloria Anzaldua / Denise A. Segura and Beatriz M. Pesquera -- Women in the civil rights movement: trailblazers and torchbearers, 1941-1965, edited by Vicki L. Crawford, Jacqueline Anne Rouse, and Barbara Woods; Women and social protest, edited by Guida West and Rhoda Blumberg; Feminism and black activism in contemporary America: an ideological assessment, by Irvin D. Solomon / Paulette Pierce -- Race, class, and gender: an anthology, edited by Margaret L. Andersen and Patricia Hill Collins / Evelyn Nakano Glenn

 v.6, no.4 - A way out no way: eating problems among African-American, Latina, and white women / Becky Wangsgaard Thompson -- After divorce: investigations into father absence ; Terry Arendell -- Women's movements and state policy reform aimed at domestic violence against women: a comparison of the consequences of movement mobilization in the U.S. and India / Diane Mitsch Bush -- The effects of marital status and wives' employment on the salaries of faculty men: the (house)wife bonus / Marcia L. Bellas -- Feminist science: methodologies that challenge inequality ./ Frances M. Cancian -- Pueblo mothers and children: essays by Elsie Clews Parsons, 1915-1924, edited by Barbara A. Babcock / Judith Freidlander --The habit of surviving: black women's strategies for life, by Kesho Yvonne Scott / Nancy Stoller
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