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LCP 808.09072 In7 v.4 III-3 2002 (HS)
Literary Criticism Paper
Insights : an anthology of elementary literary criticism papers
1 v. (various paging) : 28 cm.

©2002 Published by English Area , Quezon City : Miriam College High School
Notes English III, SY 2001-2002.
Contents  Gesundheit : a critical exploration of the morality of Patch Adams' decision to violate the code of his profession / by Claudine Diane C. Africa. - A psychological analysis of the social roles of men in film "The patriot" / by Mirma T. Aguilar. - A world with different cultures : a critical exploration of marriage and courtship in Jane Austen's Pride and prejudice / by Remelou Alfelor. -- How were women treated? : a critical exploration of women issues in Walt Disney's Mulan / by Corrine M. Asistio. - Perfect vs. imperfect, contrast : a critical comparison of the present society and the Utopian society portrayed in Lois Lawry's The giver / by Claudine Anne Baron. - Animalism vs Marxism - in Russian history : a critical exploration of principles and concepts in George Orwell's Animal farm
Contents  Teresa F. Bautista. - Tragedy, comedy, technology : a critical exploration of Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge / by Marian Mina F. Bergara. - United through dance : a critical exploration of racial discrimination in Thomas Carter's Save the last dance / by Kristina O. Buencamino. - An intense expression of love : a critical study of love and spring in E.E. Cummings' Somewhere I have never travelled / by Franchet Marie O. Bumanglang. - A critical analysis of death, love and humanity in Martin Brest's "Meet Joe Black" / by Cristina Angela Santos Carballo. - Doomed for failure : a critical exploration on the effects of society to suicide / by Aimee Venice L. Chua. - A critical exploration of today's youth and their culture in Rob Cohen's The fast and the furious / by Kristine Coseteng. - Understanding the homosexuals : a critical exploration of homosexuality issues in Kimberly Pierce's Boys don't cry / by Pierre Angelica A. Cruz. - Looking deeper than an imago : a critical exploration of environmental influences in Jack London's White fang / When opposites attract : a critical exploration of John Knowles' A separate peace / by Mariel M. Dulay. - A differentiation of two worlds : where do you belong? : a critical exploration of idealism and realism in Ally McBeal / by Angelica Garcia.
Contents:  A characters' view or destiny of death, love and fate in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet / by Anna Katrina Guray. - Jonathan Livingston Seagull, a flight to freedom : a critical exploration into the meaning of life / Ani A. Hila. - A critical exposition of terrorism in Mark Pellington's Arlington Road / by Gemimah Iris M. Infante. - Pearl Harbor, rediscovered : a critical comparison between the historical events from the second world war and the film "Pearl Harbor" by Michael Bay / by Stella Maris E. Libanan. - And they lived happily ever after : Oscar Wilde's The happy prince / by Jill Mae Llarena. - The humor and wit of Jim Davis : a critical exploration of Jim Davis and his works in Garfield / Elaine Nanette Uyecio Lua. - Women power : an understanding of current prevailing ideas about womanhood and social changes through the cartoon, "The powerpuff girls" / by Christine Anne C. Manalo. - A critical exploration of man's betrayal in the film O by Tim Blake Nelson / by Cherry Anne Y. Martin. - A battle of the inner self in the film Land before time / by Rose Anne Mendiola. - When opposites repel : a critical exploration of sexuality in Bill Condon's and Sam Mendes' Gods and Monsters and American beauty / by Charlene Clara G. Mendoza. -
Contents:  Discover our hearts : a critical exploration of Harry Potter's character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter / by Jules Verne Miyahara. - Inner beauty, a closer look : a critical exploration of people's stereotypes and realities in Sam Mendes' American beauty / by Lea Antoinette F. Olmedillo. - An eternal moment : a critical analysis of the meaning and value of eternity in Goo Goo dolls' John Rzeznik's "Iris" / by Maria Athena Isadora Fuentebella Polo. - The question of morality in Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull / by Kristel Marie Pujanes. - Together with angels : a critical exploration of love between angels and humans in Brad Silberling's City of angels / Camille Quintos. - City of angels : predicting life / by Ma. Abigail F. Ragaza. - Humble beginnings of women evolution : a critical investigation of women issues in the animated film Mulan / Katrina Amparo Ramos. - No trust, no love : a critical exploration of trusting in loving in Alfonso Cuaron's Great expectations / by Claranina L. Robinol. - Tuesdays with Morrie : a guide to everyday living / by Nikita Maria Canoy Sambile. - A timeless tale : an archetypal study of the enduring quality of J.R.R. Tolkien's The lord of the rings / by Ma. Florencia Alicia C. Santos. - Victor Hugo's Hunchback of Notre Dame and the issues on physical imperfection / by Kathleen Rossanne P. Tan. - In the world of decisions : a critical exploration in Ron Underwood's heart and souls / by Kathleen Mae Valentin.
Contents:  Navigating you own fate : a literary criticism on William Earnest Henley's Invictus / by Carmen Monica Velasco. - Reality vs. fantasy : a critical analysis on whether the movie behind enemy lines was realistic or fantastic / by Farrah Clare Zaraspe Villaroman. - Confidence, trust and character : a critical exploration of Thomas Carter's Save the last dance / by Maria Margarita P. Zalazar.
Notes Students' Research Papers
Book ID 1000106546
Literature -- History and criticism
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