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Tr. Ref. 158.6 Sh2a 2006 (HS)
Teachers' Reference
Applying career development theory to counseling
by Sharf, Richard S
Edition: 4th ed.
xxviii, 468 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.

Published by Thomson Brooks/Cole , Belmont, CA
ISBN 0534272452
Contents:  Chapter 1. Introduction. - Part One : Chapter 2. Trait and factor theory. - Chapter 3 Work adjustment theory. - Chapter 4 Holland's theory of types. - Chapter 5 Myers- Briggs type theory. - Part Two Life-Span theory ; Charter 6 Career development in childhood. -- Chapter 7 Adolescent career development. - Chapter 8 Late adolescent and adult career development. - Chapter 9.Adult career crises and transitions. - Part Three Special focus theories ; Chapter 10 Constructivist and narrative approaches to career development. -- Chapter 11 related approaches to career development. - Chapter 12 Krumboltz's social learning theory. - Chapter 13 Social cognitive career theory. - Chapter 14 Career decision-making approaches. - chapter 15 The labor market: sociological and economic perspectives. - Part Four Theoretical Integration ; Chapter 16 Theories in combination.
Notes Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Subject Area Guidance
Book ID 1000100188
Vocational guidance
Career development
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