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CA V57 A54 2003 (COL)
Virtual community : the use of the online chatting as an innovative tool for interpersonal communication
by Ang, Ma. Criselda Bernal
xi, 80 p. ; 28 cm.

©2003 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Balboa, Rose Ann Abanto; Naval, Carmina Caren Calderon; Roxas, Diana Jayne Pagsanjan; Sy, Karyll Koo Caro
Thesis:  (Communication Arts) -- Miriam Colelge, 2003.
ABSTRACT:  This study determined if chatting online has replaced face-to-face social interactions among Miriam College students. It aimed to 1) present a profile of Miriam College students; 2) describe the research participants' use of online chatting; 3) identify social activities that can be done through face-to-face social interaction and online chatting; 4) determine the attitude towards and opinion on chatting online of the respondents; and 5) identify face-to-face social interaction activities that have been replaced by chatting online. The study used the descriptive research design using the one-shot survey method to gather the data needed to answer the specific objectives of the study. The research participants of the study were composed of 200 college students from different year levels and courses. The tables and pie charts presenting the data gathered used frequency and percentage. Below are the major findings of the researcher. 1. To get the objective picture of the sample, the researchers had 200 respondents, all college students of Miriam College. Fifty respondents are randomly selected from each level whose ages range from 17 years to 22 years of age. 2. 52.2 percent of the respondents have known online chatting for about two to three years now. The researchers found out that among the 200 respondents. 156 of them (78%) own a computer with Internet access at home and would prefer surfing and chatting in the privacy of their own homes. The remainder of the respondents is willing to pay Php 20 per hour for Internet rentals for chatting at Internet cafes. 38% of the respondents prefer chatting only once a month and would spend 1-2 hours each visit. And out of 200 respondents, 39.77% prefer the mIRC chatting room. 3. Chatting online and face-to-Face Social interactions activities a) Facial expression/emotion b) Gestures c) Sharing of secrets d) Debates/Arguments e) Making new friends and acquaintances f) Focus group discussion g) Real time conversation h) Talking while doing other things i) Being intimate/sex 4. 65% of the respondents do hide their identity when they chat for the following common reasons, for privacy and security reasons, some respondents hide their identities just for fun, the respondents are completely aware that they are dealing with strangers and must not therefore disclose any personal information, such as their real names, and some hide their identities so they will not get caught in case they do something really stupid. 5. To answer the objectives of the study, the researcher used the descriptive research design, employing a one-shot survey and structured-direct interview. As for the sampling technique, the researchers used purposive sampling as technique. For the statistical tools, the researchers used frequency-percentage- method was used.
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Interpersonal communication
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