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CA P4 D38 2006 (COL)
Perceived needs of preschool and early grade teachers of the meridian for edutainment multimedia materials
by Dato-on, Joy Lourdes Monique A.
xi, 76 p. ; 28 cm.

©2006 Published by The Author
Thesis:  (Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 2006.
ABSTRACT:  This study identified the perceived needs of pre-school and early grade teachers of the meridian for Edutainment Multimedia Materials. It aimed to: 1) to describe the meridian International Learning Experience curriculum; 2) to determine the demographic profile of early grade teachers; 3) toidentify most commonly used edutainment material for pre-school and early grade teachers and 4.) to identify the needs for Edutainment Multimedia materials. The study used the Descriptive research design using the qualitative and quantitative approaches. The researcher conducted interviews with the six The Meridian teachers and directress and all of nineteen the Meridian teachers answered the survey questionnaire. Below are the major finding of the researchers 1.The heart of the Meridian's curriculum is the O-DEEP (Oriental, Digital, Edutainment, Enlightenment, and Practical). The three sciences supporting O-DEEP are the Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Multiple Intelligences and the direct Instruction. 2. The demographic profile of the respondents is of importance to study for it determined their needs for edutainment Multimedia materials in teaching their students. 3. The Meridian teachers use Edutainment multimedia materials such as Films, videos, Powerpoint, animation, and interactive software's. the commonly used Edutainment material is the interactive software. All the edutainment multimedia materials are being used by the respondents. It also shows that the Edutainment materials are being used 1-2 times in the early grade. 4. The usage of edutainment multimedia materials can make learning more fun, exciting and memorable. Through the use of these materials children understand the concepts better and retention of concepts is longer, and practical application becomes easier. Edutainment materials make teaching more interesting and lively. The researcher concluded that the use of edutainment Multimedia material is of importance to the teaching practices of early grade teachers. There is a need for interactive software because this is the multimedia material that the respondents believe that is commonly used and it best suit to their curriculum. They need interactive software for it will meet the needs of their students. In a way they are also equipping their students in the digital aspect using computers.
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