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MA MAVE P76 E24 2003 (COL)
Masteral Thesis
Problems encountered in teaching values education in a public secondary school in San Miguel, Bulacan
by Echevarra, Lilibeth S.
viii, 44 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2003 Published by Miriam College, Graduate School, Family Psychology, Quezon City
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Values Education and Development) -- Miriam College, 2003.
ABSTRACT:  This study attempted to surface perceived problems in the teaching Values Education and recommendations for possible solutions to these problems. The respondents' perception of their knowledge in Values Education and attitudes toward teaching Values Education were also measured. The causes of ineffectiveness in teaching Values Education and the poor values of students were also determined. Recommendations to solve the problems were elicited from the respondents. The twenty-one (21) teachers of Values Education from the San Miguel High School (SMHS) San Miguel, Bulacan, were the respondents of the study. They answered a researcher-made questionnaire. The twenty-one respondents are holders of Bachelor of Secondary Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Ten teachers majored in Values Education, six in Social Studies, while two are majors in English. One each majored in the following: Psychology, Guidance and Counseling and Computer. One was a Ph.D. degree holder, while none had a master's degree, although nine have earned sufficient units leading to MA/MS. The ages of the teachers ranged from 27 to 37 years, with a mean teaching experience of 9.2 years. Pertaining to the extent of knowledge on the different topic contents related to the teaching of Values Education, the teachers reported having much knowledge of the course contents because many of them majored in Values Education and had attended seminars and workshops related to the subject. As regard the methods/strategies for teaching Values Education the teachers experienced only slight problems. Specifically, the least perceived problems were the difficulty in choosing the appropriate approach in teaching the subject and the inability to motivate students in learning core and related values. As regards, instructional materials used, the mean over-all perception indicated that they experienced moderately critical problems in this area. Specifically, the teachers considered critical the insufficiency of textbooks and workbooks for teaching the subject and moderately critical, the problem of inadequate visual aids as well as inability to construct an appropriate learning environment. One of the ineffectiveness of the teaching of Values Education, the most frequently cited reasons were: 1) large class size; 2) lack of textbooks and teaching aids; 3) lack of mastery in the subject matter; 4) lack of related in-service training; 5) no specialization in Values Education; 6) boring lessons on low student interest; 7) teacher's attitude and interest; 8) inability of teacher to meet student needs; and 9) low teacher dedication. The identified causes for the poor values of students were: 1) environmental influence; 2) family problems and the lack of parental guidance; 3) technology and fashion/trends, innovations/changes; 4) teachers not being good models; and 5) poverty. The suggestions by the respondents to solve the problems in teaching Values Education focuses on the teachers' being models of good examples, possible because they still believe they can exert a positive influence on their students. Other suggestions focuses on what the school can change or provide: sufficient references and other materials; more in-service training, workshops and seminars, lesser teacher loads and more teacher exposure to proper guidance and counseling techniques.
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Moral education -- Philippines
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