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MAFP A33 C78 2006 (COL)
Graduate Thesis
Adaptations in Filipino immigrants' familial roles, values and goals
by Cruz, Angela L.
vii, 199 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2006 Published by The Author
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Family Psychology and Education) -- Miriam College, 2006.
ABSTRACT:  This is a qualitative study that describes the migration experiences of selected Filipino families in Australia. The study aimed to understand and identify how migration affects the familial roles, values and goals of the Filipino immigrant families. Ten families, who had been in Australia for at least 3 years, and residing in Blacktown City in Sydney, were chosen. The families were interviewed using a researched constructed interview schedule purposely made for the study. Family case studies were written to present each of the families' migration experience, and a thematic analysis was also undertaken. It was found that although the families were constantly exposed to the Australian culture, language carried the most significant influence as far as acculturation was concerned. Families found that adjustment to the language was necessary as it served as it served as a tool in surviving in the Australian society. Also, because of the presence of their extended family members and the Filipino community, many gained a sense of the Philippines due to the "Filipino element" the groups of Filipinos provide. The second generation immigrants are also found to have maintained a strong Filipino identity. This is due to their continued practice of Filipino values such as the use of po and opo, ate and kuya and pagmamano. The Filipino families were also found to have maintained their familial roles, that is both parent s share the responsibilities around the house. As the children grew older, they become responsible to look after themselves and while they share the responsibility of taking care of their younger siblings with their parents. Although the families' goals for migration did not change, they were attained right away. It was found that several families felt that some of these goals must be set-aside firtst to make way for their cultural adjustment.
Book ID 1000096467
Filipinos -- Australia
Philippines -- Emigration and immigration
National characteristics, Filipino
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