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PSY F33 A48 2004 (COL)
Factors that influence the ways of coping of non-working mothers of children with autism
by Alvarez, Joana Jean
vi, 65 p. ; 28 cm.

©2004 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Edel Marie Leonardo; Ria Karmina Littaua; Joanne Setias
Thesis:  (Bachelor of Science in Psychology) -- Miriam College, 2004.
ABSTRACT:  The present study employs a case study approach to find out the extent in which three (3) factors: low family income, support system, and level of understanding of autism influence the ways of coping of non-working mothers. Nine (9) non-working mothers belonging to a low socioeconomic status with ages ranging from twenty-seven to fifty years old participated in this study. Two methodologies were used to estimate the level of understanding of autism: (1) an in-depth interview using a self-formulated questionnaire and (2) social case history. The study found that the low socioeconomic status negatively influences coping by producing additional stress for the mothers. On the other hand, the other two variables, (1) support system composed of family members, friends, and organizations and (2) understanding of autism (with levels low, moderate, and high), influence the mothers' ways of coping by buffering and minimizing the effect of the different stressors experienced by the mother as a result of having a child with autism.
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Autistic children
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