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IS U55 B35 2006 (COL)
United State` fear : its renewal from the cold war to the war on terrorism
by Balarao, Liezl
139 p. ; 28 cm.

©2006 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Castanos, Eunice; Cruz, Nikki Angeline
Thesis:  (Bahcelors of Arts in International Studies) -- Miriam College, 2006.
Abstract This study is about fear, particularly the political fear of the United States and how it becomes the mechanism of the country to control its citizens during the era of Cold War and War on terrorism. The aforementioned eras were chosen because of the big impact it caused on the American government including the enactment of laws and its people. Also, the renewal of fear by the United States can be best demonstrated by these two time frames. Moreover, this study presents communism and terrorism as an object of fear utilized by the mentioned country under some established institutions that can promote political fear. In order, to understand the concept of political fear and how it was employed in the era of Cold War and the unfolding political moment in the War on terrorism, the theory of Political Fear by Corey Robin was used. In the course of the research, various historical data, documents, US laws during the period of Cold War and War on Terrorism and vehicles of mass media were analyzed so as to uphold the objectives of this study. Since, it is in the assumption of the researchers that United States government is employing political fear as the foundation of their society to pursue their political ends without much confrontation from the people.
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