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MA MAVE E34 I58 2003 (COL)
Masteral Thesis
Effectiveness of the total person experiental learning approach in teaching values education
by Intia, Aurida P.
ix, 76 leaves; 28 cm.

©2003 Published by Miriam College, Graduate School , Quezon City
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Values Education and Development) -- Miriam College, 2003.
ABSTRACT:  This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Total Person Experiential Learning (TPEL) Approach in teaching Values Education among junior students of Initao National Comprehensive High School in Initao, Division of Misamis Oriental and to identify the core and related values that were acquired by them. Twenty-five junior year students were randomly selected as respondents by lottery. A pretest on values was administered to the respondents at the start of the study. Six, TPEL lessons were taught, namely: Ten Persons/Things I Value, Valuing My Family, how do you live through Conflicts? Non-Violence: An Approach to Conflict, 5: A Survey of Magazine Ads, and The Philippine Ecosystems. At the end of each lesson, the researcher administered a questionnaire which gathered perceptions of the students regarding the TPEL approach. After the six lessons were taught, the students answered the posttest values test. The means and frequencies were used to analyze the perception of students regarding the TPEL percentages to determine the core and related values acquired by the students. The paired or dependent samples t-test was used to determine the significance of the gain in students' learning's due to the TPEL Approach. The students gave a very favorable evaluation of the TPEL Approach as a teaching strategy for Values Education. All of the different phases - Introduction, Activity, Reflection, Synthesis and Integration - were given a very favorable rating. In terms of the six lessons, the students also had positive perceptions were five lessons very favorable assessed and one lesson favorable rated. The comparison of the students' pretest and protest shows significant gain in the cognitive, attitude and behavior domains. The use of the TPEL approach in Values Education lessons resulted in significant gain in values learning. Based on their answers in the values test, the students learned core and related values with Love of Truth having the highest percentage of correct answers and the two lowest percentages of correct answers on Global Peace and Inner Peace. The researcher recommends that value educators and subject area teachers use the TPEL approach for values teaching. To prepare the subject area teachers of Initao National Comprehensive High School for values integration, she plans to conduct a series of three one-day seminar-workshops, "Values across Subject Areas: The TPEL Approach."
Book ID 1000080765
Action research in education
Values education
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