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IS P47 C37 2004 (COL)
Persistence of the "White Australia Policy" : a study of the Australian government's response to refugees from Viernam and East Timor
by Castillo, Olive P.
144 leaves ; 28 cm. + CD-ROM

©2004 Published by The Authors
Added Author:  Maliwanag, Christine Olivia T.
Thesis:  (International Studies) -- Miriam College, 2004.
ABSTRACT:  Australia had a long history from being a penal colony to a land of opportunity. Along with this history came issues on immigration, which was a battle between theory and practice of Australia's pronouncements and ideals. The established White Australia policy came into being with the purpose of keeping unwanted on non-British immigrants out. The policy of Multiculturalism was introduced by the Australian government in the post-war era, which played an important role in developing a distinctive Australian outlook, which is not only limited to the British outlook. However, the eruption of the Cold War created numerous conflicts in different places and these prompted many citizens to escape perils in their homes state and seek refuge in countries such as Australia. The study analyzed the response of the Australian government with regard to their treatment of Vietnamese and East Timores refugees, using the Societal Security Theory of Barry Buzan and Ole Waever. Proofs exist that Australia's response towards the aforementioned group of refugees were in contrary to its international obligations as agreed upon in various international Conventions and Treaties on refugees that they acceded to. Australia's immigration policies were regarded as discriminatory and therefore reflect the spirit of the abolished White Australia Policy absorbed by the present Multiculturalist Policy.
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