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MA MAVE E54 A38 2002 (COL)
Masteral Thesis
Enhancing the processing skills of values education teachers through a seminar-workshop
by Agusila, Jacqueline Canlas
x , 84 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2002 Published by The Authors
Added Author:  Cañares, Marife Almire
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Values Education and Development) -- Miriam College, 2002.
ABSTRACT:  This is a research which was conducted to assess the two-day seminar-workshop which utilized prepared modules on upgrading the Processing Skills of Values Education Teachers of Masbate National Comprehensive High School (MNCHS) in Masbate City, and Pablo Roman Memorial High School (PRMHS) in Bataan. The study determined the profile of the teacher-respondents, the needs and problems encountered in teaching values education and the usefulness of the teaching strategies/methods used. Likewise, it sought to assess the effectiveness of the processing skills possessed by the teacher-respondents and of the two-day seminar workshop in bringing about the skills needed to facilitate the teaching of values education. Conducted during the latter part of the school year 2000-2001 in MNCHS and PRMHS, the two-day seminar-workshop covered three modules (Module I- Introduction and Leveling of Expectation and Contracting; Module II- Processing Skills; and Module III- Total Person Experiential Learning Process). The participants were all values education teachers of different year levels in the two schools. A questionnaire was formulated and validated. This serves as primary data gathering tool to acquire the vital information needed to answer the specific problems of the study, this questionnaire was administered to the teacher-respondent after they attended the two-day seminar-workshop. The 16 respondents from MNCHS and PRMHS are 94 percent female, 69 percent married, have an average age of 39 years old, 63 percent have units earned leading to MA/MA, 81 percent hold the rank of teacher I position, have mean of 9 years in teaching and few were able to attend seminar-workshop related to teaching values education in the last two years. Problems and needs were moderately encountered by the teachers. They also rated moderately useful certain strategies/methods used in teaching values education under MNCHS and PRMHS conditions. The different processing skills possessed by the Values Education teachers pertaining to attending skills, following skills, reflecting skills, assertion skills, I-message, and the Total Experiential Learning (TPEL) Approach were perceived very effective in teaching values education. The two-day seminar-workshop was rated very effective in terms of objectives, content and skills incorporated in the seminar. Furthermore, the participants reported that the different activities included in the seminar benefited those most and gave impressions that the researchers used very appropriate teaching methodology and very relevant topics were covered as evidence by their very active participation. They also rated the facilitators as excellent in their facilitation and communication skills during the seminar-workshop. Based on the summary of findings and formulated conclusions of the study, the following recommendations are offered: 1. Conduct this kind of seminar workshop for at least four days for thorough learning and integration of new ideas and concepts specifically the TPEL approach in teaching Values Education. 2. Results of this study be furnished the Chief of the Values Education Department, Department of Education National Office for appropriate action on the following problem areas: lack of reference materials in Values Education and funds for training seminar workshops in the division, regional and national level. 3. An action program based on this seminar-workshop be adapted for regional, division, and school level seminars for all high school teachers at the start of the school year. A module on how to evaluate action programs can be included in the training design.
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Moral education -- Philippines
Values -- Study and teaching -- Philippines
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