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MA MAVE C66 B64 2002 (COL)
Masteral Thesis
Comic strips eliciting values in teaching values education in first year high school
by Bognot, Regina Mignon C.
x, 69 leaves : ill. (some col.)

©2002 Published by The Author
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Values Education and Development) -- Miriam College, 2002.
ABSTRACT:  This study focused on the utilization of comic strips as an instructional material in the teaching of Values Education. It aimed to determine whether comic strips can effectively elicit the core and related values of Spirituality during the teaching Values Education for first year high school students. It studied the students' perceptions regarding the effectiveness of the following: comic strips in eliciting core and related values; the content of comic strips as instructional material in Values Education. The value-laden comic strips used were finalized based on selection procedures and the core values of spirituality were identified as the value elicited. The strips were integrated in four lessons on spirituality based on the DECS Values Education Framework for first year high school. The lessons were conducted for four consecutive days. The comic strips were used as the springboard for all the activities in each lesson. Two instruments, an open-ended questionnaire and a Likert-type scale, were used to gather the respondents' perceptions regarding the comic strips. Based on the results of the study, the use of comic strips in the lessons in Values Education was favorably received by respondents. They identified Faith in God, Respect for Other Religions, and Respect for Traditions and Obedience to God as the core values. They also mentioned Humility, Sacrifice, and Love for Others as other related values. They approved of the integration of comic strips in the teaching of values, indicating that they perceived the comic strips to be effective in eliciting core and related values. Based on the observations of the researcher during the lessons, the students became interested in the lessons because the comic strips helped them understand the lessons more easily. They understood the Filipino comic strips and found these were very relevant to their daily life. In view of these findings, it is recommended that: a) teachers, especially values education teachers, use appropriate comic strips and other forms of illustrations in the teaching-learning process; b) an action researcher be done on the use of Filipino comic strips involving more year levels, subjects and schools; and c) the production of more values-laden comic strips be encouraged among Filipino comic strip illustrators.
Book ID 1000078391
Moral education
Action research in education
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