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MA MAFP F76 M38 2002 (COL)
Masteral Thesis
From "Binata" to "Mama" : the road to manhood of Filipino urban male college students
by Matammu, Margie Lulette U.
x, 265 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2002 Published by The Author
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Family Psychology and Education) -- Miriam College, 2002.
ABSTRACT:  The study explored the road to manhood of the selected Filipino urban male college students. It sought to find: 1) the different concepts of "malehood" and "manhood" ("lalake/binata/mama") of the respondents; 2) their significant experiences to adulthood; and 3) their concepts of a masculine identity and attitudes regarding sexuality. Attitudes on sexuality were limited to the following variables: sports and sexuality, virginity, auto sexual behavior, dating and non-coital sexual activities, and sexual intercourse. The study is an exploratory research that employed qualitative methods in eliciting data. Purposive sampling technique was used in selecting the respondents. Given the sensitivity of the topic, former students of the researcher were chosen as respondents of the study because it offered the initial rapport, provided accessibility, availability, and minimized the social desirability factor. Three to four interview sessions were conducted. A researcher-constructed interview schedule was used, following an open-ended, semi-structured interview. Data were analyzed using content analysis. Responses were arranged according to themes and statements of the problem. Presentation took the form of narrative reporting and verbatim transcriptions of the participants. None of the respondents believed they went through any initiation process to attain adulthood. Rather, they identified experiences that they believed were significant in attaining adult status. Common experiences of the respondents included circumcision, exposure to adult films and magazines, and masturbation. Unique experiences for the participants who turned out to be non-virgins include non-coital sexual activities like necking, petting and oral sex, sexual intercourse, fathering a child, experiencing the false alarm pregnancy of a steady girlfriend. Other experiences included smoking, drinking alcohol, overnight imprisonment; beating up someone, drug use, first job, dating and having gone through a difficult situation in the family. Concepts of masculine identity conform to the gender stereotype role of being the protector, leader, and head of the family. Respondents believed sports fosters health benefits, develops self-discipline, and provides social opportunities especially gaining new friends. Moreover, virginity is seen as an unimportant although respondents think highly of virgin males and essentially have a traditional positive attitude towards virgin females. Masturbation is regarded as natural among boys. Masturbation is believed to have no relation to being a male and unrelated to becoming an adult. Respondents of the study believed that dating provides the opportunity of getting to know other persons better. When non-virgin participants engaged in non-coital sexual activities such as French kissing, light petting, and oral sex a special relationship with a steady girlfriend had already been established. Non-virgin participants also went "all the way" after engaging in intimate activities but this was usually controlled by the female partner. Furthermore, respondents have a positive view towards premarital sex. The reasons for engaging g in premarital sex include: love, curiosity, irresponsibility, lack of control of men. Implications of the study are as follows: 1. Concepts of "malehood" and "manhood" conform to the common beliefs of Filipinos on male sexuality as influenced by family and peers. 2. The road to adulthood varies according to personal experiences of the participants. 3. Concepts of masculine identity and attitudes on different variables on sexuality varied according to personal experiences of initiation to adulthood. Such initiation experiences served as their justifications on their ideologies, beliefs, and attitudes.
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