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PSY T36 A3 2003 (COL)
Adolescent and young adult stepsiblings : an exploration of their communication dynamics, conflicts and aspirations
by Tan, Priscilla Therese D.C.
ix, 115 p. ; 28 cm.

©2003 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Tantoco, Kathleen M.; Tuazon, Kathleen A.
Thesis:  (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) -- Miriam College, 2003.
ABSTRACT:  This study focused on the dynamics of stepsibling relationship namely, Communication, Conflict and Aspirations. Eight adolescent and young adult stepsiblings were purposively selected based on two criteria: 1) their age must range from 15 to 24 years old; and 2) they have been living with their stepsibling/s in one household for at least four years. The respondents were recruited through the assistance of friends and classmates. A qualitative approach using the long interview was employed which produced vivid descriptions of the stepsiblings' life experiences. The primary instrument used for this exploration was an interview schedule which consisted of semi-structured questions. The transcribe texts derived from the interviews were categorized into the core themes of the study. Communication is the way stepsiblings transmit and share information about each other. For Communication, three sub-themes emerged namely, Finding Common Ground, Acceptance of Each Other's Presence and communicating Rules and Roles at Home. Most of the stepsiblings established open communication whit each other by participating in common activities. They are able to accept their stepsiblings as a part of their family which helped in improving their relationship with one another. Building rapport between two parties, prior to the family's reconstruction, given children clear definitions of what is expected of them. Stepsiblings conflict applies with siblings rivalry discussions. The conflict between the stepsiblings in this study involves the process of compromising. The sub-themes that emerged under Conflict were: Bridging the Age Difference, Unclear Roles in the Home, Competition, and Mood swings. Stepsiblings make a conscious effort in improving their relationship if they perceive age gap as a hindrance to their bond. Assigning and communicating tasks at home can minimize conflicts that may arise due to unclear roles. Competition between stepsiblings occurs when they struggle for their biological parents' attention, financial resources and space. Mood swings are the usual qualities that make it hard for them to understand their stepsiblings. Aspirations consists of their ambitions, ideals and outlook in life that directly or indirectly affect their relationship with other. The emerging sub-themes were Future Family Life, Sibling Relationship, Family Cohesiveness, and Love Relationship. Being raised in a relatively large family, stepchildrens would want to have four to six children in their future families. Stepchildrens' outlook towards their future includes the members of their blended families especially their stepsiblings. Helping the members of the stepsiblings choose to keep their future marital relationship intact for their children's sake. Individual adjustment played a role in the development of stepchildren relationships. The presence of internal and external factors influences the adjustment process of the stepsiblings. These internal factors are personality orientation and individual's understanding and acceptance of the situation. The external factors are economic stability and how biological factors are stepparents explained their situation.
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