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MA MAVE V47 C47 2002 (COL)
Masteral Thesis
Verbal abuse by parents and teachers
by Cervantes, Lanie Horfilla
xi, 65 leaves; 28 cm.

©2002 Published by The Author
Thesis:  (Master of Arts in Values Education and Development) -- Miriam College, 2002.
ABSTRACT:  Scolding is the most common method used by parents and teachers in correcting the misbehaviors of their children/students. This traditional method of instilling discipline and fostering desirable conduct and behavior is being questioned, as it is considered abusive, it is technically referred to as verbal abuse. This type of abuse causes emotional injury and damages the self-esteem of the victim. It also prompts either the abuser and the abused or both, to resort to violent behaviors, which cause conflicts and grave consequences. Verbal abuse can easily be detected through the language used by the perpetrator. This may be in the form of labeling, criticizing and making generalizations, threatening, ridiculing and uttering sarcastic remarks, ordering and commanding, advising and cursing. These and the loud and angry voice of the abuser, the angry facial expressions, the continuous ranting evoke in the victims fear, anger, hurt, shame, confusion and other negative feelings. There is no other way sometimes for the victim but to counteract with negative behaviors, causing the conflict between parents and children, or between teacher and students, to escalate. This study sought to describe how parents and teachers deal with the misbehaviors of their children/students and determine whether this manner of dealing with students' misbehaviors constitutes verbal abuse. This also describes how the latter react emotionally and behaviorally in the face of the verbal abuse. Fifty-nine (59) students of Culaba National Vocational School Culaba, Biliran, were chosen through stratified random sampling. Data was gathered through an interview guide. There is conclusive evidence that verbal abuse was indeed committed by parents and teachers. Although their intention was good, i.e., they want their children become morally-upright persons, the method used was oppressive. The most startling findings gleaned from this study are the curses and vulgar language used by parents and teachers, the inconsiderate use of ridicule which shames most students and the frequency of such experience by the student's attacks. Pitiful indeed are those who are abused daily at home and at school and those who are scolded by all of their teachers in a single day. The home and the school have the primary responsibility to draw out the best in every child in an environment that values human dignity, love, truth and peace. It is one of the aims of this paper to show that the traditional practice of scolding has negatively affected the learning environment.
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