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PSY R58 D5 2002 (COL)
Disciplinary techniques among public school teachers in Balara Elementary School
by Rivera, Jonah
80 p. ; 28 cm.

©2002 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Salvador, Maricris; Santos, Pauline; Vargas, Rhizaline
Thesis:  (Bachelor of Science in Psychology) -- Miriam College, 2002.
ABSTRACT:  Classroom discipline is indispensable to any learning institutions. Discipline at its best creates better communication between the teachers and the students therefore making it an easy access to quality education. Data and information were provided in the study how the teachers in Balara Elementary School were disciplined by their parents as well as how they were disciplined by their own. The purpose of the study was to find out if it influenced the type of disciplinary technique they practice on their students. Likewise, the study also provided the reaction and opinion of the students on the disciplinary technique imposed to them. Fostering open communication of the one-on-one conversation was said to be one of the more effective and acceptable ways in disciplining their students rather than imposing corporal punishment, which elicits undesirable behavior and hampers child-learning processes. Although open communication maybe the type of discipline that was most frequently used, it was evident that some teachers still resorted to using corporal punishment as a way of disciplining. From the results, we can say that in Balara Elementary School, the occurrence of corporal punishment is quite minimal. Despite that it is understood that corporal punishment is still used sometimes in disciplining the students in school.
Book ID 1000077049
School discipline
Classroom management
Teacher-student relationships
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