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PSY P38 G38 2003 (COL)
Pathways to becoming a woman of selected Miriam College students : an exploratory study
by Gatdula, Elaine P.
1 v. (various pagings) ; 28 cm.

©2003 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Javier, Maan Louvette V.; Noble, Debbie Mae V.; Rivera, Rizza Bianca G.;
Thesis:  (Bachelor of Science in Psychology) -- Miriam College, 2003.
ABSTRACT:  This study is exploratory study which seeks to replicate Margie Lulette U. Mutammu's "From Binata to Mama: The Road To Manhood of Filipino Urban Male College Students" (2002). This study aims to explore the concepts of femalehood and womanhood of selected urban female college students studying in Miriam College, more specifically a) to know their concepts of sexuality; b) to understand their attitudes, views and behavior regarding their sexuality, sexual orientation, virginity, auto sexual behavior, non-coital and coitus activities; c) to find out effects of parental monitoring on sexual identity, to gain knowledge on how religion, media, school and peers influence sexual identity; d) to know the nodal points or significant experiences that a Filipino female undergoes in her pathway to becoming a woman. Purposive sampling was used to choose the 1 respondents. They were classified into 4 groups, namely heterosexual with experience, heterosexual without experience, homosexual with experience and homosexual without experience. They were interviewed for a maximum of two hours for data gathering. Through content analysis, the researchers were able to find out that culture, school and family play a role in forming a person's sexual identity, while religion, peers and media do not form their sexual identity. Furthermore, results showed that some respondents believes that having their first menstruation gives them awareness of their sexuality while others just finds it normal. Another result was there were some respondents who viewed women as caregivers, inferior to men and someone whose essence is to bear a child. Almost all of the respondents believe that women can work and at the same time spend time to be a mother and to be committed wives. As far as sexual beliefs and sexual behavior are concerned, some respondents view kissing as fun and normal. Seven out of 12 respondents feels that petting will give a nice feeling. Moreover, pre-marital sex for majority of the respondents should be done under the basis of love. However, the results are only limited to this population.
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