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CA I43 A43 2002 (COL)
Image of the modern Filipina in three selected local films
by Alba, Johanna Gillian S.
xi, 112 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2002 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Celzo, Maureen G; Deang, Larry J; Deang, Larry J.
Thesis:  (Communication Arts) -- Miriam College 2002.
ABSTRACT:  In trying to identify the image of the modern Filipina in local cinema, the researchers focused on five specific objectives: describe the viewership of local cinema, measure levels of gender consciousness among the respondents, establish viewer's perception of the image of the modern Filipina, identify the means by which local firms may influence on these perceptions, and finally, list ways by which local cinema may improve the image of the contemporary Filipina. Using the descriptive research design and employing the pre and posttest questionnaires tailored to suit this study's objectives on respondents numbering to 100, the researchers were able to establish the following findings based on the objectives: Most of the respondents have been exposed to local cinema. Preference goes more for romantic flicks followed by comedy. There are some respondents, however, who opt to just watch foreign produced films and ignore local cinema while some so not watch movies at all. Majority of the respondents possesses a high level of gender consciousness, meaning that they have their ideas on who women are and how they should be treated. Independence is the major characteristics that the respondents attribute to the modern Filipina. Some define "modernity" by sexual liberation and career focus. A review of the roles and images that go with the characters portrayed by women onscreen is recommended. Commercialism is the primary enemy of cinema development. Many feel that unless cinema changes its treatment of women as "selling points' women will continually be exploited in local films. The outstanding image of women onscreen and how they portray the modern Filipina is synonymous with sex and carnal pleasures. The value cinema places on women is highly commercialized and foster the belief that without sex and seductive women, films will not sell. Cinema cannot portray women with justice unless filmmakers and producers take a more in-depth look at women other than of their potential commercial value. Actresses should be more discerning in the roles that they play in the same way those audiences should be educated to differentiate commercial productions from realistic portrayals. With all these, the researchers recommend that a complete re-assessment of cinema as a social and communication medium in addition to the differentiation of women on film from real life must be done.
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Motion pictures -- Philippines
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