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CA C46 E94 2002 (COL)
Censorship of foreign music on radio
by Eugenio, Arlesie P
xii, 99 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2002 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Hortaleza, Khristine B; Revilla, Jennifer G
Thesis:  (Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 2002.
ABSTRACT:  This study found out the perceptions of Miriam College students on the Censorship of Foreign Music aired by Philippine radio stations. It aimed to: 1) determine the methods used to censor foreign music aired by Philippine radio stations; 2.) find out whether Miriam College students are aware that there is censorship of foreign music aired by Philippine radio stations; and 3) know the perception of the students of Miriam College about the censorship of foreign music. This study used the descriptive research design. The researchers chose the participants of this study based on the following criteria: 1) they should be between the ages 17-21 years old and students of Miriam College; 2) they should listen to FM radio at least four hours a day; and 3) they should listen to foreign music. The research instrument used in the study were personal interview and focus group discussion (FGD). A pretest of the FGD questions was conducted before proceeding with the actual focus group discussions. Twenty participants participated in the focus group discussion. Below are the major findings of the researchers based on the specific objectives. 1. It was found out that radio stations play foreign music based on their own discretion. Their respective station managers are the ones who have the authority whether certain words or lyrics of any song must be censored. 2. Uncut versions of some foreign songs are only played during the wee hours of the morning because radio stations believe that listeners during this time are mostly matures listeners. 3. Some recording companies supply radio stations with albums or records which contain songs that were already censored and edited.
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