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PSY C32 A2 2003 (COL)
Activist and non-activist students of a state university in Metro Manila : a comparative study in terms of motivation and self-efficacy
by Cadano, Kristine
ix, 122 leaves ; 28 cm.

©2003 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Movido, Irish Michelle; Quejada, Mary Samantha; Vargas, Ivy
Thesis:  (Bachelors of Arts in Psychology) -- Miriam College, 2003.
ABSTRACT:  This study aimed to find out if significant differences exist between activist and non-activist students in terms of two variables namely, motivation for the goals Resource Provision, Social Responsibility, and Equity; and self-efficacy in three domains, which are: personal control, interpersonal control, and socio-political control. The subjects of the study are 44 male and 62 female college students who are officers of politically and non-politically active organizations. Activist students were classified based on their affiliation to politically and non-politically active organizations. Students' ages range from 16 to 25 years old coming from all year levels. Respondents were selected based on convenience and willingness to be a part of the study. The student questionnaire contained two pre-tested scales, a revised Assessment of Personal Goals (Ford and Nichols, 1995) and Spheres of Control (Paulhus, 1983). The scales measured the respondents' value for the three goals and self0efficacy, respectively. The administration of questionnaires took place in the offices of the different organizations and 36 groups that were administered to. Five focused discussions (FGDs) were also held among a selected samples. 30 students participated in the FGDs representing different organizations. Sessions of the activist groups were held separately from the non-activist groups. The test results revealed that non-activists value the goal resource provision more than the activists. There were no significant differences in terms of the goals social responsibility and equity. The FGD results showed that both the activist and non-activist students value equity as the most important among the three goals. On the other hand, test results showed that activist students have higher interpersonal and socio-political control than the non-activist students. FGD results for self-efficacy were consistent with the test results.
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