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IS P55 V53 2001 (COL)
Pilot survey on the perception on the Moros in Southern Philippines of senior International Studies students at Miriam College
by Victoriano, Jill Christine
80 p. ; 28 cm.

©2001 Published by The Authors
Related Name: Visaya, Aleli Sharon
Thesis:  (International Studies) -- Miriam College, 2001.
ABSTRACT:  A Pilot Survey of the Perception on the Marcos in Southern Philippines of Senior International Studies Students at Miriam College presents a historical overview of the socio-cultural relations between Christianized and Islamized Filipinos using secondary data analysis. Also, this study reveals the perceptions of the graduating students in IS at Miriam College on the Moros of Southern Philippines with the use of Bogardus Social Distance Theory. This is made possible through conducting a survey by distributing questionnaires to all the graduating students of International Studies for the year 2001. The study utilized the descriptive method of research which is historical and analytical in nature. It involves a description, recording, analysis and interpretation of conditions that shaped the broader socio-cultural relations between the Moros and Christianized Filipinos. The study also includes a survey of perceptions on the Moros, among Christian students as represented by the graduating students in International Studies at Miriam College. This component of the study examined four factors affecting the perceptions of fourth year International Studies students. Also, the survey examines the respondents' perceptions towards the Marcos and their willingness or reluctance to have a relationship with them. Emory Bogardus' Social Distance Theory is used as the guiding analytical framework. The study found out that fourth year International Studies students at Miriam College indicated their willingness to relate with the Moros- even in the closest degree of relationship, which is marriage. They display a favorable perception towards the Moros. There is a possibility that social distance of the students towards the Marcos is characterized a shaving a degree of closeness or acceptance towards the Muslim Filipinos. Therefore, since they perceive the Moros positively and they are willing to relate with them intimately, there is a chance that the fourth year International Studies students of Miriam College are socially near towards the Muslim Filipinos in Southern Philippines.
Book ID 1000068914
Islam -- Relations -- Christianity
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