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PSY P74 B38 2000 (COL)
Pre-school children's images of fear
by Bato, Cheryl Ana
iv, 92 p. ; 28 cm.

©2000 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Buenviaje, Kristine Nowelle; Delgado, Marilet; Mancenido, Kristine
Thesis:  (Bachelor of Science in Psychology) -- Miriam College, 2000.
ABSTRACT:  This study aims to investigate the images of fear of Filipino pre-school children, differences among children in the pre-school levels and gender differences, and the reasons for the occurrence of their fears. This study rests on the conceptual framework that children's fears, whether real or not, are real to them. The subjects are 18 pre-school students of St. Jerome Learning School. Three (3) males and (3) female respondents were randomly chosen by lottery from each level. The respondents were interviewed and asked to draw their own image of fear and rate the degree of fear associated with this images. The responses where then qualitatively described, compared and contrasted across levels and gender. The results show that the pre-school children are generally very scared of supernatural beings possibly as a result of the influence of various forms of mass media. Very young children, aside from their very short attention span are not yet equipped with skills for proper articulation and therefore cannot adequately express their thoughts. Those on the Kindergarten levels are more equipped and can present more vivid expressions of their fears. Gender-wise, the males were less responsive about fears as compared to females apparently due to the traditional rearing practice of parents equating masculinity with fearlessness.
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