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PSY M67 S26 1998 (COL)
Most common play pattern manifested by children under prep level
by Santiago, Joni N
20 p. ; 28 cm.

©1998 Published by The Author
Thesis:  (Behavioral Science) -- Miriam College, 1998.
ABSTRACT:  The study focus mainly on the pre-school children and their most common manifested play pattern namely: onlooker play which involves watching others play, without participating onself. Solitary play, which means playing alone, independently, without any signs of wanting to join the other children playing. Parallel play, playing alongside with other children, with similar materials, and in some common activity, but without any interaction. Associative play, is playing in group that is organized, with division of labor, and with coordination and cooperation in pursuits of the common goal. For the researcher to have a chance to look into the relationship among the variables considered, the study utilized the observation survey method. An observation schedule was the only instruments used to gather data from 40 children under prep level from Bright Star Learning Center and San Roque Learning Center, with ages ranging from 5-6 years old. Through frequency counts, the researcher will able to find out what is the most common manifested play pattern by children under prep level. The results revealed that cooperative play is the most common manifested play pattern by the children under prep level. Respondents prefer to play in group that is organized and with coordination and cooperation. However, the results revealed that boys' most common manifested play pattern is solitary play, which gives them the opportunity to concentrate more on what their doing. Furthermore, girls prefer to manifest cooperative play. With this, they can play in group, with coordination and cooperation among them.
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Play -- Psychological aspects
Child psychology
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