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PSY E34 M47 1997 (COL)
Effects of maternal employment status and perception of maternal parenting style on children's creativity
by Mercado, Eunice S
82 p. ;p 28 cm.

©1997 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Ngan, Joanne Blythe C.; Rocero, Carolyn M.
Thesis:  (Behavioral Science) -- Miriam College, 1997.
ABSTRACT:  Studies show that several factors affect the development and maintenance of children's creativity. Thus, the researchers aimed to find out whether maternal employment and children's perception of maternal parenting style affect the creativity of grade six students of an exclusive school for girls. The casual research design was used together with two instruments to measure the children's creativity and the perceived maternal parenting style. A self-formulated creativity test containing (9) objects from which the respondents were asked to list of as many possible uses of each object as they can, was used to measure creativity. On the other hand, a questionnaire was used to determine the maternal employment status and the children's perception of their mother's parenting style. The two-way Analysis of Variance was used to determine whether the employment status of mothers and children's perception of their mother's parenting style significantly affect the children's creativity. Results show that the maternal employment does not have a significant effect on the children's creativity. Majority of the mothers are employed outside the home and the children seem to be creative in varying degrees regardless of their mothers' employment status. At the same time, the creativity of the children is neither enhanced nor hampered with the kind of parenting style they perceive as being used by their mothers. Most of the children perceived their mothers as being authoritative. Lastly, it was shown that the interaction of both maternal employment and perceived parenting style does not affect the children's creativity. Therefore, children show their innate talent as creative individuals whatever the employment status of their mothers are and whatever parenting style their mothers use because children are considered to be intrinsically creative however in varying degrees (Dreyer and Wells, 1966). There may be other factors such as the kind of fostering students receive from their educators, culturally determined sex roles, socio-economic status, family relationships, social expectations, and personality types which can affect the level of creativity of children. Thus the following recommendations were made: the formulation of a more comprehensive creativity test that will touch not only the ideational fluency, adaptive flexibility, and spontaneous flexibility aspects of creativity but also the originality, definition, associational fluency, expression fluency, word fluency, elaboration and evaluative aspects; inclusion of a more qualitative rather than quantitative scoring of the creativity test for a more accurate measurement of creativity utilized by a pool of expert rates; a study on the creativity among grade six students of an exclusive school for boys can be done to find out whether young boys can be affected by their parents' employment status and by their perceived parenting styles; a study on other factors that could influence creativity can be done; that the school implement a comprehensive program which will further develop and utilize the children's creative talent in all their subjects and clubs.
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Creative ability in children
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