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CA S45 C37 1997 (COL)
Documentary on selected supernatural healing in the Philippines
by Capinding, Ma. Karen
v, 50 p. ; 28 cm.

©1997 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Ehrhard, Anna Cristina; Hijara, Mary Grace; Jongko, Jennifer; Katigbak, Annaleah; Macasadia, Bernadette; Serrano, Zarah Jane
Thesis:  (AB Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 1997.
ABSTRACT:  This thesis entitled " A documentary on selected supernatural healing in the Philippines" is a document on three kinds of supernatural healing namely crystal, faith and exorcism. Its objectives are to present the historical background of the selected healing, to document the different procedures used by the practitioners, to show actual healing sessions conducted by them, to assess the present condition of the presented healing by interviewing persons with authority in this field and to use the video production as a reference material. To be able to attain these objectives, the researchers gathered the historical background and methodologies regarding the processes of these healing. The researchers interviewed professional practitioners for each type of healing. The researchers interviewed professional practitioners for each type of healing, authorities and common people as well. They also used video clippings and reference books as support for their thesis. Furthermore, they conducted a post test wherein twenty randomly selected Miriam students were asked to view the production and were given questionnaires to find out if the audience found the video useful as a source of information. This response determined whether the objectives were met and whether the production can be used as a reference material or not. The researchers concluded that these supernatural healing existed even before Christ's time and originated from the eastern part of the world. The procedural processes vary from one healing to another but as a common goal of curing people. Supernatural healing and science work hand in hand without altering each other's original essence of curing. This thesis production can be used by Miriam College students as a reference material. In order to attain a better production, there should be more reference materials about these different healing here in the Philippines and more sophisticated facilities provide a room for each group's creativity and exposure. There should also be a wider scope on the study of these healing to enrich the existing knowledge.
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