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CA G76 B36 1992 (COL)
Growing years of the Creative Guild
by Banaag, Karen Marie R
10 p. ; 28 cm.

©1992 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Bonilla, Alexander M.; Labayen, Ma. Sarah Isabel T.; Velez, Ma. Fe S.
Thesis:  (AB Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 1992.
ABSTRACT:  The Creative Guild is one of the most important award-giving bodies in advertising. Its many accomplishments can be traced to its founding in 1984. However, despite these accomplishments, the Creative Guild has not been given due recognition. This 25-minute documentary aims to present the growing years of the Creative Guild by documenting its founding, recording its objectives and philosophy and presenting its accomplishments and contributions, by showcasing its Ad of the Year awardees from 1984-1990. In order to meet these objectives, the researchers gathered all necessary data on the Creative Guild through the use of interviews of the founding fathers, and the past current presidents of the Creative Guild. In this study, the researchers concluded that the Creative Guild, as an award-giving body has successfully upgraded the creative output of the advertising industry. This is manifested in the tremendous improvement in radio, print and t.v. advertising materials. Aside from these, the Creative Guild has also inspired creative people to perform even better by producing better advertising outputs. Based on the conclusions drawn, the researchers recommended that the Creative Guild should keep an archive of its awarded to allow easy access to them as reference, and continue encouraging creatives, including students, to produce superior creative materials.
Book ID 1000028437
Advertising -- Philippines
Advertising copy
Documentary films -- Production and direction
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