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CA U75 A55 1992 (COL)
Urian : a content analysis
by Anis, Ruela S
36 p. ; 29 cm.

©1992 Published by The Authors
Added Authors:  Aranez, Ma. Isabel V.; Ludovice, Hazel Marie O.; San Juan, Ma. Criselda R.
Thesis:  (AB Communication Arts) -- Miriam College, 1992.
ABSTRACT:  The research team's knowledge and concern on the kind of Filipino movies produced today and their influence to the viewers led them to know the different film award-giving bodies that determine and recognize best produced films. The researchers will study and produce a documentary film on URIAN. This production will create awareness to the moviegoers regarding the criteria used by the body. This will aid them to think critically in every film they watch. The history of URIAN and the best pictures awarded by the Manunuris from 1976-1990 will also be presented. The documentary film will be significant and useful to the Communication Arts Department as it will serve as an additional reference for further studies. The film production will test the team's skills and creativity in scriptwriting, directing, editing and other technicalities involved in producing film.
Book ID 1000028433
Motion picture plays
Documentary films -- Production and direction
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